A good master should learn to be a good servant is a natural principle and is an indelible truth.

Those in power should put this in mind, be you a family, political or religious leader, etc. Do your best to serve your subordinates for they are your footstool and the base of your power. Remember that God’s eyes are upon the ruler and they receive blessings or curses in accordance to their works.

You rulers! Do unto other as you would have them do unto you, is God’s fundamental principle. No human being is above this natural law, even you leaders! Awards of excellence and a crown of victory awaits those leaders that serve well.

If we abide by these aforementioned principles and be our brothers’ keeper too, Rivers state in particular and Nigeria in general shall be a better place to dwell.

Evil shall be no more. We shall live in paradise on earth indeed. ###

From – Godspower  Kponi, Rivers State.