About three months after the reunion ended, Paul woke up one Saturday morning, very cheerful. He took his early morning walk, had his bath and ate breakfast with his wife after which they retired to his private library to go through some journals. Shortly after they came in, Paul told Susan that he was sleepy and needed to lie down. His wife reminded him that it was almost time for his 11 O’clock appointment with his doctor but Paul insisted that he would take a nap and should be woken up once the doctor arrived.
Fifteen minutes later, Dr. Samson walked into the house. Susan called her husband, but he did not respond. She quickly alerted the doctor, who confirmed Paul dead. His death was a loss not only to his family but to so many other people whose lives he touched through his literary works and philanthropy. Paul’s wife and children had wanted a quiet burial for him but it happened that a lot of people from all walks of life turned up to show their last respect.
“Paul, the writer” was a household name and was greatly respected that the next winner of the author of the year award after Paul died, wrote books on: PAUL, THE GREATEST AUTHOR THAT EVER LIVED; PAUL, THE GUY WHO NEVER GIVES UP; PAUL, THE GUY WHO TURNS LITTLE THOUGHTS INTO LONG, SWEET STORIES.”
The man even went on to say in an interview with the press that he wished he were related to Paul and he also said that Paul was his role model. He sought and got approval from the government to build agate at the entrance of the estate where Paul lived, had his museum, library and educational centre. He awarded the contract, the gate was built within a short time and on it was boldly written’, OKEZIE PAUL CHUKWUDI LANE.
Moral lesson: If you think you are failing, and are determined to succeec4 you will By that way, you can leave a legacy that is something you can be remembered for.

By Onyemere, Ugonna Ekene