Let Strive To Save

Come with me to the centre

Where peace demands acknowledgement

Hence you are my lawmaker

To sanitize our minds to live

And not to die of poverty

If you beckons life to stay

Ever truthful, you must provide

That which must identify you

You are my representative

Where you are mandated to solve

Our collective communal problems

There in the House of life

Look at me and say

You have me also in your mind

As you plans for your shopping

As I also hope on you you to live

For a better day which is hanging

In the wings of time

You could make me a better brother

By doing the necessary

Providing jobs and filing the gap

You are the hope of us all

Our light to shine

But you never shone even a day

Because you are self centred

Acquiring all the pleasures on earth

While we are still waiting

Just for a drop of the national oil

Also to touch us

So that we can shine let you

Oga, don’t you think, you are the bug

Many have died from your doings

Gone to the grave for your sake

With empty stomach and frustration

Life becomes much unbearing

Since you stole our mandate

You made us the laughing stock

Now how do we solve these problems


By Allanso Jonathan Allanso

Aka: The Mirror Poet