Understanding God And The Spiritual Hierarchy

For man to understand the spiritual purpose of life, he needs to understand his relationship with God, the Spiritual Hierarchy, Special Agents of God and other numerous spiritual whuorkers who assist God in running the day-to-day affairs of the heavens of God and the spiritual universes of God. These spiritual workers include several minor gods we would like to call rulers of the different heavens, elementals and other beings, all working for the spiritual unfoldment of Soul in order to graduate and achieve Self-Realization, God Realization and eventually become a Co-worker with God.

This is the spiritual purpose of all life.

In other words, Soul in HU-man form is created for the singular purpose of spiritual unfoldment in order to qualify for being able to serve in the heavens of God as a Co-worker with God. Just as a child is sent from home to school to learn how to become a doctor, he begins his professional education at the primary level, secondary and later moves on to a tertiary institution for specialization and eventually becomes an intern and later fully graduates to become a doctor. As a professional, the individual then goes back home to assist his father and family to grow and serve.

Likewise, Soul in HU-man form is sent from the heavens of God to come and learn how to serve God as a Co-worker with God. To learn this, Soul needs to learn the art of appropriating the divine love of God to all life. This training is achieved by preparing several training centers in the lower heavens of God and in the physical universes. These lower universes include Earth and other planets like Venus, Moon and others populated by other beings different from HU-man beings. The lower heavens of training include the first to the fourth heavens where other Souls with different spiritual bodies go through their own form of training. These lower heavens are the heavens of time, energy, space and matter with the proportion of matter reducing as we move closer to the pure spiritual worlds which consist of only light. Thus man, Soul in HU-man form was sent down from the pure heavens as Soul and on the downward journey, Soul picks up several bodies that correspond to the vibratory state of the heaven where Soul is posted to for training. The physical universe being very dense, requires the HU-man body to enable Soul participate in training on Earth and other planets in the physical universes. Thus, man was provided with the HU-man body as uniform to enable man attend school for training and through death, man returns back home to the first heaven and returns again to school through reincarnation. Karma provides man with the training for man to learn his spiritual catechism. Through sowing and reaping, man continues to learn how to give and receive love until he becomes a magnet of Love and qualifies to return home to God Almighty our Creator and Father to serve as a co-worker with God. The required training then is to learn how to give and receive the divine love of God Almighty and share with other creatures of God!

However, on each of these heavens, there are spiritual rulers and governors who administer all activities of Souls in their areas of jurisdiction. While God Almighty administers the pure heavens of God starting from the Fifth Heaven to the highest, the first to fourth heavens are administered by lower gods on behalf of Almighty God. These gods are not supposed to be worshipped but are to be respected because they have been so appointed by God Almighty. But in order for us to accomplish our spiritual training and goal, we need to have an understanding of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Among the pertinent ones are the following: God Almighty, Special Agents of God led by the Living Godman, the Wayshower, Governors of the pure Spiritual Worlds and the Rulers of the Lower Heavens and our physical universe including our mother Earth.

First is our Father, the Almighty God. Nothing can be said about God Almighty except for all to obey without question. For God Almighty is the Creator and Sustainer of all the heavens and the universes including all the Governors and Rulers of all heavens and Earth. The name of God Almighty is HU. To contact God for anything whatsoever, we begin by singing this Holy and Sacred name of God given by God for HIMSELF. Before we can understand God, we must begin by understanding who we are. This is why all philosophers have advocated that man should know himself first and then know God.

Next on this spiritual hierarchy is the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God. This Holy Spirit is the creator and sustainer of all life including all Souls. Through the Holy Spirit, we move, live and have our being. We cannot live outside the Holy Spirit through which all universes of God are created and sustained.

Next to the Holy Spirit is the Living Word. He is the Special One appointed by God to lead all Souls who are privileged to attend any training school in all the heavens and universes, back home to God. He is located on every Heaven and most times wears a physical HU-man body in order to attend to man and guide man back home to God Almighty. He is the representative of God and he is the Chief Executive of all the Universes of God. He works in the company of other Special Agents commonly referred to as Spiritual Travelers. Their job is very simple: They lead all ready Souls back home to God and also act as Spiritual Guides to all Souls who wish to find their way back home to God. They are God realized Beings whose only purpose in life is to administer the Divine Love of God Almighty to all Souls. They do not belong to any religion but no religion can survive without them. To make contact with the Living Word,  the individual should sing HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God.

Next are the Governors in the pure heavens of God where only the Light of God dwells. These heavens are without time, space and matter. No being can access these heavens without the Living Godman. Only few have visited these heavens of God and come back to tell their stories.

Next are the rulers of the lower heavens which consist of the first to the fourth heaven of God. There are several prominent rulers in these heavens but they are not God Almighty and therefore should not be worshipped. But most religions worship these Rulers in ignorance. However, it is pertinent to note that they also are manifestation of God Almighty at their level but they do not have the capacity to create Souls but only to administer the WILL of God Almighty. Prominent among these Rulers is the one called satan, the negative force commonly referred to as ‘devil’. He has only one job: to act as a gate keeper into the pure heavens of God. He sits on his throne in the Third Heaven and does not allow any impure Soul to cross into the pure heavens of God. He carries out his duties very well through prosperity merchants, political systems and orthodox religions. He utilizes the social consciousness of groups and individuals to achieve his goal. When Soul asks for money, he gives Soul in HU-man form money to bind him further into the material worlds. When man prays for power, he gives man much more power that would chain man on the wheels of Karman and Reincarnation. Man, out of this deception continues to go and come, go and come, on the wheels of Karma and Reincarnation without knowing why. Any wonder that most religion concentrates on prosperity and money? Anyone who prays to God for money does not know himself, for how cam man be praying to the Spiritual aspect of himself, Soul, an individualized Holy Spirit?

This negative force does this job not of his own accord but carry out these instructions under the Spiritual Hierarchy. This is why every ruler obeys the one above it without question. In the heavens of God, there is no democracy but obedience to carry out the Divine Will of God Almighty. This is why the gods in the lower heavens get angry sometimes and the individual would be wondering if God Almighty could descend to anger. This is not true. It is only rulers who get angry because all of them are two faced gods. When man is in need they appear benevolent but when Soul in HU-man form tries to escape to the pure Heavens they show their wrath. They are not perfect but are also on the wheels of transmigration. They oftentimes demand worship but they are not to be worshipped because they are not God Almighty. They would also, one day find their way back home to God.

Seated at the top of the third heaven is the ruler or minor god known as ‘satan’ or ‘devil’. As written earlier, his job is to tempt Soul until he becomes purified to enter into the pure heavens. He is the one that provides man with the HU-man body to participate in training in the lower heavens. Everything he gives including money and prosperity must be paid for before man can escape into the heavens of God or else Soul continues to journey on the wheels of Karma and Reincarnation. So when the so called ‘men of God’ help you pray to God for prosperity, they are inadvertently tying the individual to the wheels of Karma and Reincarnation. Every kobo given by this god would be paid back. Check all Holy Books about children of God who were tempted, were they not tempted with money and material things?

This god trains Souls- in- form through what is known as the five passions of the mind viz: Lust, anger, greed, attachment to material things and vanity. Until Soul learns the corresponding virtues of discrimination, tolerance, contentment, detachment and humility, he cannot escape from this earthly prison into the pure heavens of God. This is the assignment given to ‘satan’ by the spiritual hierarchy which he does very well.

Ever wonder why the devil has not been put to death all this while?

On the other hand, the Spiritual Hierarch also provided a way for any Soul-in-form who is ready and willing to go back home to God. A team of Spiritual Guardians are on hand to help any Soul who can see through the grand illusion of life and wants to return home back to God. These Spiritual Guides are also present on every heaven of God Almighty. Their aim is to assist Soul anywhere irrespective of religion, creed and race. They are always available to help man cross into the pure heavens despite the temptations of men by ‘satan’ otherwise known as Kal. To make contact with these special Agents of God, man needs to sing HU, the secret name of God so that he can make the connection through the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach, whose responsibility it is to lead you and me back home to the Kingdom of Heaven before we drop the physical body.

This Spiritual Journey back home to God begins and ends with the HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God Almighty.


By Tuborki Dauyemie