January 2- Boko Haram militants attack a bus in Waza, Cameroon, killing eleven people. January 3—7 – Boko Haram militants raze the entire town of Baga. Bodies lay strewn on Baga’s streets with as many as 2,000 people having been killed. January 3 – Fleeing villagers from a remote part of the Borno State report

This cellular structure and apparent lack of unity or centralized commandmakes them particularly difficult to negotiate with. In September 2010, having regrouped under their new leader, Shekau, the group started a campaign of violence in Nigeria. They began with an attack on Maiduguri prisons where they released 105 detained Boko Haram members, along with over

Comments On The Book, ‘The Foundational History Of Kalio-Ama In The Okrika Kingdom” – By Sir E. D. Kalio

This is a book of 378 pages printed by Osia Digital Press and published this year, 2015. I congratulate the author for finding time to write it and the self-discipline in doing so. As the author himself noted in the introductory chapter of the book, “History, per se, like an ordinary story is easier told


Several factors have been identified by analysts and scholars as being responsible for terrorism in Nigeria. The factors range from corruption, poverty, unemployment, religious extremism, illiteracy among others. The contemporary Nigerian society is engulfed by terrible acts of terrorism. But as we have shown in this lecture paper, terror acts have been committed by both

THE CHARACTER OF STATE AND POLITICS iN NIGERIA Ake (1985:9) characterizes the State in Nigeria differently thus:

“The unique feature of the State in Nigeria and this is typical of periphery capitalist formations generally, is that the State has limited autonomy. That is the State is institutionally constituted in such a way that it enjoys little independence from the social classes, particularly the hegemonic class, and so is immersed in the struggle


create between themselves and the region in which they operate. Economic interdependency in particular is what makes these forces of violence and hate so difficult to combat. They become strengthened by the spoils and profits gained from acts of terrorism. There i great power in dirty money. Much of what sustains the reign of terror

Below is the outline of selected international terrorist attacks:

January 24, 1975 —New York: Bomb set-off in historical Fraunces Tavern killed and injured more than 50 persons. Puerto Rican nationalist group claimed responsibility and police tied 13 other bombings to it. April 18, 1983 —Beirut, Lebanon: US embassy is destroyed in a suicide car-bomb attack: 63 dead. October 23, 1983 —Beirut. Lebanon: Shiite suicide

UNIVERSITY OF PORT HARCOURT THE STATE AND THE CULTURE OF TERRORISM IN NIGERIA: UNVEILING THE REAL TERRORiSTS An Inaugural Lecture By PROFESSOR HENRY ALAPIKI B.Sc, PGDE, M.Sc, PhD (UPH Department of Political and Administrative Studies Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Port Harcourt INAUGURAL LECTURE SERIES 117 MARCH 12, 2015     PREAMBLE Vice Chancellor


CHAPTER FOURTEEN THE EXIT OF AN ICON About three months after the reunion ended, Paul woke up one Saturday morning, very cheerful. He took his early morning walk, had his bath and ate breakfast with his wife after which they retired to his private library to go through some journals. Shortly after they came in,

The Success Fellow

CHAPTER TWELVE WHEN YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON YOU Paul’s children, like other children, were naive and were interested in “money brags”. Such children claim that their parents have more money and property than the parents of other children. One day, Rose came back from school and told her brother about an argument that took place