Editorial: Rural Housing Scheme

Shelter which is one of the basic needs of man cannot be overlooked neither can it be overemphasized, if this need (shelter) is limited there is bound to be anarchy, a fight for territory, creation of boundaries especially in urban centres where the population is high and this is accruable to a poor rural housing


Towards A Peaceful Re-run Elections in Rivers State The peace of every sovereign state or nation leaves a very good impression on the sands of time about a given political administration. A peaceful re-run elections in Rivers State would uplift the face of the state not just within the nation but in the global frontiers

Making Democracy Work in Nigeria

Democracy as a system of government is now difficult to define, because every leader in any part of the world claims to be a democrat. Though several attempts have been made by educationists, philosophers, social scientists, historians amongst others to give proper definition of democracy. However, the definition coined by the former American President Abraham

As schools Resume

Education is the bedrock of development in any society. No nation grows beyond the level of its education. Any country that wants to advance technologically and scientifically should not toy with its education. Education brings enlightenment and exposure, especially at this time of economic crisis across the globe. And without quality teachers, conducive environment and

Goodbye Barr. Ken Atsuwete

Fears gripped residents of Rivers State on Monday as armed assassins abducted and murdered a Port Harcourt based human rights activist and lawyer, Barr. Ken Atsuwete. The sudden death of Ken Atsuwete came to us as a big blow. His services are needed more at this time, when Nigeria as a country is searching for

Constructing Good Drainage System In Port Harcourt

The essence of good governance is to provide amenities and facilities that will give citizens happiness. Any government that cannot initiate laudable policies to ignite development aggressively is not fit to exist. When Chief Nyesom Wike assumed power last year as a Governor of Rivers State, he started to ginger programmes that turned around the

As Nigeria Lawyers Meet In Port Harcourt

Nigerian lawyers under the auspices of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA will converge in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State between August 19-26, 2016 for their annual conference. The theme of this year’s conference is “Democracy and Economic Development. No doubt the theme of the conference is apt considering the challenges facing our


Equip The Police To Combat Crime Constitutionally speaking police is responsible of maintaining peace and order in any given society. A nation without a Police Force is bound to face lawlessness and anarchy. Security is very paramount and critical in the life of any citizen, therefore all levels of government are expected to provide gadgets


Corrupted Parliamentarians In Military administration the legislative organ which is the most potent instrument in democracy is absent. Only two arms of government exist in the military rule, these are the judiciary and the executive. Under military the masses have no voice and their fundamental human rights have been trampled upon. For now military administration

Editorial: On The Postponed Re-run Polls In Rivers

One important ingredient of democracy is periodic elections. When there is no election in any democratic setting, dictators emerge. Since last year April the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has been conducting particular elections in Rivers State without any headway. The INEC has introduced new terminology – “Inconclusive Elections” into the political dictionary of Nigeria.