In Tinted Love Blues

When love got me started

In my foolish pride

I toss with whithering promises

To a fool, missed in thought

Tender hearted, swallowed up

By passion and lust

Given the unexpected taboo of regret

Life they say is sweet

Sweeter than honey in gaiety

True to it melancholy of taste

Got me mixed up with infatuation

Lost in my total being, a man of want

Anger and infatuation ruled me

I lost my pride, my integrity to beauty

The woman I gave my heart

Now, I am my wreck, the stupid lover

Bemused with starved wisdom

Gone is the pride of womanhood

Lost it true feeling and sense of love

Love so sweet, love so bitter

Love itself is mocked

Mocked to it shame

A story so sour never welcome to tell

The posterity of lovers in debacle.



By Allanso Jonathan Allanso

Aka: The Mirror Poet