The Man in Need is a fool

A fool to any condition

Just to fulfill his needs

Your wish is his command

See how many treats him

At the mention of money

His ready to sell his pride

See how he answers all names

Delivered out of ignorant

Coasted by his true self

Decent life circumstance it becomes

But a man is a fool of himself

When he cannot knows his worth

At the points of need for decision making

He act base on what he benefits

He becomes speechless when even alive

It is only a death man that could not speak

You are not but a death Lion

Even if you may not have the speck

How could you know your worth?

A fool has nothing because he is senseless

But money makes life sweet

Wisdom command money

Do you have money and not wisdom

You are a fool when you know not yourself

When they say money answereth all

Wisdom carpet money in all things

A fool remind a fool in need and in thought

You become a fool when you are thoughtless

The greatest give of life is wisdom

Wisdom without action is the worst fool

When foolishness begs wisdom for though

Life prostrate for recognition. ##

By Allanso Jonathan Allanso

Aka: The Mirror Poet