Life Growth

Innocent as we came into the world

Silent in thought we grow

From the impossible humans to reality

We are guest to the earth

Parents we must accept which language

 we must communicate

And for them to make out it meaning

The nights guards we compelled them

Willingly or conditionally, they must obey our needs to fulfilled

We were made special by oddity

Of condition life process speak

Our daily intake of air lasted

Our language special

Coded our behaviour

We made the special princes and princess

 In our birth we are everybody’s  noble

Our command is our parent wish

so special we live in condition dedicate

So appealing to all for infancy

Life funny we one day leaves

To cherish the style we treat them

Where we speak our unspoken language

Our parent made out its meaning

Perfect understanding they had

Only our parents know our wants and needs

We may not have a wish

We twitter at will for response

Only speak through cry

Creep to expand our horizon

And learn the slippery infant step

Stepping into man in guide of ethereal

Our parent never to be forsaken all

Life it grow so funny a life.

By Allanso Jonathan Allanso

Aka: The Mirror Poet