To the Heavens of God (America) and Back!

The sound of the engines of the Boeing 787 on the runway of the Port Harcourt International Airport during take-off reminded me of the sound of HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God. So I blended with the sound as I relaxed inside the modern aircraft. I sang HU as the plane took off and immediately I felt the presence of my Spiritual Guide, assuring me of a safe and pleasant flight. Of course my Spiritual Guide has always been there but like most of us, I did not recognize that presence until I started singing the HU.
We were now about 30,000ft above sea level. I looked out at the window, the earth was green as at take-off but now I could hardly see anything. Man with all ego looked like an ant from about 10,000 ft and those our big houses looked like little matchboxes. Man looked so vulnerable at this height
‘So what is life all about down there, all the bickering and fighting?’
My mind went back to my rush through traffic on my way to the Airport. My flight was scheduled for about 8 pm but I had to make sure I was there 3 hours before time. By this time I was the third guy on line so checking in was easier. I went through customs and was impressed with the detail checking and screening. I went through until I got to immigration.
‘What is the meaning of the HU you have on your lapel?’ asked one curious officer.
‘It is the Holy and Sacred name of God’ I replied gently, trying to move on but the guy won’t let me. I was in no mood to talk as my mind was to go through security as quickly as possible.
‘Can you explain this a little, is it a different religion? We were thought to call God in a different way?’ the officer continued.
‘You can call God by any name you want provided you get a reply directly from God. But if you have been calling on God without reply you may try this if you wish.’ I concluded briefly.
He was from one of these common religion in Southern Nigeria so I knew where he was going.
‘Singing HU can help you in any religion you belong whether you are a Buddhist, Christian or Muslim. It is simply a love song to God that makes God and Soul (your real self) happy.’ If you are interested call me on this number.’ I made for the door.
Like most of us, we do not believe another religion different from our own exist and thus we miss the opportunity for spiritual growth
My spiritual screening at the airport simply reminded me of Soul in the Human body attempting to go through the same security into the heavens of God. Different Souls are given different access into the different areas of heaven they have merited depending on their different religious beliefs. Some remember these trips in their dreams while others have been thought how to forget as their religion has no interpretation to their nightly journeys into the lower heavens of God.
Most Souls however do this unconsciously and these activities are commonly referred to as dreams.
My attention was back on the plane as the pilot announced a landing briefly in Mohammed International Airport to pick up passengers on our journey to France. Looking at Lagos from the sky at night could be fascinating. Tiny dots of lights lay below and I discovered that there was no difference between the tiny dots below and the tiny dots above in the sky.
‘Could there also be life out there? I thought.
I was jolted out of my reverie as the tires of the big plane screeched to a stop as we landed. Within an hour the plane was packed full and we were on our way non -stop to Paris.
Sitting for about 8 hours on a plane has to be accounted for. Passengers on board generally try to while away time either by sleeping, watching movies, chatting or generally working on any hand held device. But it was an opportunity for me to move out of the body and journey into the heavens of God while my body lay on my seat.
With the viewpoint of Soul, 360 degree view point one can be in the inner worlds and also be aware of what is happening on the plane. So occasionally my inner journeys were interrupted by the cabin crew who went around with earthly delicacies.
But life is much more than food alone.
The Charles De Gaul Airport 2 was really outstanding. It is different in outlook to all airports that I was familiar with and I have been through a lot of them being a traveler.
We were heralded into two big buses and taken to another part of the massive airport where we had to go through another round of screening. If I thought Port Harcourt was tough it was no where compared to what obtains in this part of the world. As an engineer I could understand what an international airport looks like.
We went through many turns and finally into another security area.
‘This looks like another world’ I thought
I remember the last time I travelled from Nigeria, I had gone through Schippol Airport in Amsterdam and all US bound passengers had been subjected to thorough screening then. This time it was tougher. It was like preventing any impurity from entering into this world.
My mind went back to when I had the opportunity to be taken into the pure heavens of God by my Spiritual Guide, my Coach. We had gone through similar check points before gaining access into the pure heavens of God. It was beyond Hu-man description.
The heavens of God are many but with two great divisions. The lower heavens and the pure spiritual heavens. The lower heavens are controlled by the Universal Mind Power generally known as ‘satan’ whose responsibility it is to ensure that no impure soul goes through into the pure spiritual heavens. He would deploy all necessary means including riches and prosperity to delay that soul who might want to gain access into the pure heavens of God.
Lagos to Paris was like the lower heavens while Paris to United States was like the pure heavens of God. It was the responsibility of these guys to make sure that travelers were properly screened to continue their journey to the United States just like the agents of the lower heavens would screen Souls from progressing into the pure spiritual heavens starting from the fifth heaven upwards. No unrealized Soul can be given access except with a Spiritual Guide or a Spiritual Traveler.
‘Those who wait to die to visit the heavens of God do not know the way to heaven. Those who always talk about heaven without showing others the way do not know the road to heaven. Period.
My attention went to the long line in front of me.
‘Relax!’ said the familiar voice of my Spiritual Guide.
Everyone could have a Spiritual Guide if they so which. The Spiritual Guide is a clear manifestation of the Holy Spirit. While some go through life guided by the Holy Spirit others are dragged on their two earlobes. This comes inform of challenges and misfortunes attributed generally to destiny but which man cannot do anything about. The life of such a man is actually dictated by the Lords of Karma whether man would like to pray for hundred nights or more.
Man would either obey God or suffer in ignorance.
I went through security and we had to wait for another three hours before our flight out to the United States. It was truly another world.
Our flight to the US was announced and of course within minutes we were airborne
The flight crews on this American Airline were truly ‘American’. Unlike the French, they were livelier and more boisterous. The 9 hour flight to America was equally interesting as I had the opportunity to embark on spiritual journeys into the heavens of God. We went through two different time zones before we landed in America.
Though I had been to the US several times, the feeling was always the same compared to the dusty environment back home.
This place was clean.
We landed at the airport and within minutes I was checked into my hotel. I had made bookings earlier before my journey to ensure that I had a place at one of the finest and regular hotels. I checked into my room and sang the Holy and Sacred name of God to express my gratitude to God for Its guidance.
America is truly a beautiful place and I couldn’t but ask myself several times’ Are the HU-mans here different from the ones back home?’ I asked. The answer came almost immediately.
Soul is in the lower worlds to garner experience in the ability to Co-work with God through giving and receiving the Divine Love of God. The location of Soul’s learning center would correspond to their state of consciousness, that is, their awareness about God. Therefore while some Souls would be in Nigeria, some would be in America while some would be in Ethiopia, all learning their different lessons on how to give and receive the divine love of God. It would take lifetimes upon lifetimes before Soul would realize Its true purpose in life unless It contacts a Spiritual Coach.
‘These Souls must have merited being in this environment’ I concluded.
My stay in America for my seminar took about two weeks. As with my experience with the pure heavens of God, Soul cannot sit and be ‘clapping hands’ beside God ‘forever and ever’ as there are a lot of work that the truly realized Soul has to do to assist other Souls to come back home to God.
My journey back home to God was to say the least with the same unwillingness of Soul to leave the beautiful heavens of God. Most of us cannot remember when last we left the pure heavens of God and so we go through life thinking that we only live once and after this life judgment.
‘Pray, how would a day old child be judged? What manner of life?’
These are simple questions that most of us would rather not answer.
As I waited at the airport to go back to Nigeria, I knew as Soul that earth is not our home. That our home indeed belongs in the pure spiritual worlds
I went through the same process as when we were going to America (Heaven?) except that nobody was interested in our journey back to Nigeria except of course you know at the airport. At the airport in Paris, more than half of the passengers were Nigerians. We all knew where we were coming from and also knew where were going.
It is a different ballgame, a different school, a different state of consciousness.
Sometimes as Soul we think we are only the HU-man body. We forget where we came from and behave only as HU-mans do, forgetting that we are Soul. We continue until when we have the Spiritual fortune of meeting a Guide, who will show us the way back to our true home.
The starting point is the HU.
The screeching tires brought me back to reality. We had landed at the Port Harcourt International Airport, our familiar terrain.
‘What is in your bag?’ barked the Custom Officer
‘Personal belongings’ I replied
‘Can we check?’
‘With all pleasure, that is why it is not locked!’ I said
The officer was no longer interested.
‘This is Nigeria, you know. Your Spiritual Education in this school continues’ I reminded myself.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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