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TLI Pledges Commitment To PCRC’s Success Over Crime Detection Rate

The Transparent Leadership Initiative (TLI) an NGO in Nigeria, whose motto is” to uphold good governance,” has pledged its absolute commitment to the success of the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) existence in the fight for crime detection rate throughout the nation.
In a chat with newsmen, the President International of TLI. Engr. Prince Promise Obinna, assured the NGO’s determination to stand by the existence aims and objectives of PCRC throughout the Federation, saying the PCRC is irrevocably and irreversibly committed to the process of wiping out criminal activities in its entirety.
Engr. Obinna stated that the intentions of those saying the committee is not really effective are to deceive the people, create disharmony among Police and various organizations and distract the committee charged with the task of informing the Police of any criminal act in their respective areas.
“It is necessary that TLI emphasize that the philosophy behind the idea of PCRC is designed to reinforce the Police in their candid efforts to fight crime.
“It is the right of our citizens to freely give tangible information to the members of PCDC who will work accordingly, he said.
Engr. Obinna insisted that the committee is critical to meet the demand to wipe out crime in its entirety with the police or security agents.
He called on the public to embrace new ideas that would help to develop the activities of PCRC policing. Prince Obinna added that many private companies and the public need to make their contributions available to the committee but are uncertain how to do so, stressing that Royal Highnesses, CDC members are in good position to assist by giving reliable information to the police on the hide-outs of criminals.
Hear him: “the reality of policing has to do with the masses, as such PCRC is a very good concept that creates an avenue of really checking crime. Members become an integral part of police campaign.
“However, in the structure of PCRC you see the presence of justice and the most effective decision making class in the committee is effective. It becomes imperative that those people know the inhabitants of the community and should let the police have true information on the rate of crime within their communities and prevailing interest of crime in such areas. The concept of PCRC should not be discouraged rather there should be a review of their existence in line with proper enlightenment programme on their roles so that their actual roles will be achieved.
“For now the public is not fully aware of their proper role as they have contrary views of the actual need. Membership of PCRC should be based on status, including elders, youths, leaders that have adequate information concerning their place to ensure the efficiency of such community. Any committee hiding criminals should be dissolved and probed because that is where PCRC rely to work with the campaign for community policing as that is the only channel to effectively implement policing in Nigeria”.
He called on community leaders not to shy away from information that will aid the police, Nigeria Army, Airforce, State Security Service and RSG C4 centre, in combating crime and criminal acts within their communities because security is every man’s business. ###

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