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Suspension of 11 Council Chairmen: ACN Takes A Swipe On RSHA Over Rubber-stamp Role

The Rivers State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), says the present crop of members of the Rivers State House of Assembly is the worst in the history of legislative business in the State.
Lashing out on the lawmakers for betraying the mandate entrusted on them by the people in a press statement issued on behalf of the party, the Publicity Secretary of the party, Jerry Needam expressed disappointment at the legislators constituting themselves to a mere rubber-stamp of Governor Chibuike Amaechi.
The statement wondered why Rivers State has continued to be bedeviled by an avalanche of ineffective and insensitive lawmakers in recent history, noting that of all, the present House under the Speakership of Mr Otelemaba Dan Amachree has stood out as the most daft, unwitty, shameless and rubbished.
Jerry Needam regretted that the derailed lawmakers have continued to waste huge resources of the State that could be used for better things under the pretext of making laws that can neither be used nor referred to, when need be.
The ACN spokesman said in no other State have lawmakers been so treated with impunity and ignominy that has showcased them as political ignoramuses of the highest order.
“Can Mr Amachree please tell the Rivers people which sections that permit the governor to suspend elected council chairmen at will without recourse to the law or the House of Assembly before embarking on such unholy course”.
“This is very unfortunate, is an abuse of office and insult on the collective intelligence of the Rivers people”, the ACN noted.
The statement added that Mr Otelemaba Amachree should without further delay defend this illegality and elevation of arbitrariness, Amaechi’s personal whims and caprices in place of cherished ethos.
“This is unacceptable and Rivers people must rise up against this misrepresentation and mortgage of our collective sufferance”, Jerry Needam demanded.
The ACN therefore condemns in very strong terms the illegal suspension of the 11 Council Chairmen by Governor Amaechi even though the so-called Council Chairmen were illegally put into office in defiance of Court Processes against them, also describing the belated approval by the Otelemaba led House of Assembly as a betrayal of trust and monumental injustice which is null and void.

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