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Bonny Youths Federation Threaten Disruption Of Peace

The relative peace in Bonny Kingdom would soon be shattered if measures are not taken to forestall the threat of Bonny Youths Federation.
The youths body are threatening to disturb the peace if Shell which they alleged to be marginalizing them refuse to heed their plea to change for the better.
In a press release titled “Marginalization of Youths and People”, the youths said they have been sidelined by the employment policy of the oil giant for long and have ran out of patience
The youths said they are tired of the discriminating employment policy of Shell.
The press release stated thus:
“The Central Executive Council of the Bonny Youths Federation, the apex and central governing council of the entire youths of Bonny kingdom, strongly condemn in its entirety the marginalization of the youths and people of Bonny in both graduate trainee employment schemes and direct contract employment opportunities at the Shell Bonny export terminal and in the overall SPDC employment progammes.
“It is sad that for more than fifty years that SPDC has existed in Bonny her policies towards the youths and people of Bonny in terms of employment have been that of neglect and outright marginalization of the youths.
“We use this opportunity to call on SPDC to retrace her steps and immediately create an avenue for discussion with the BYF or risk a total break-down of existing relationship with the youths of Bonny kingdom.
“We call on the Managing Director, the terminal managers and Heads of both Maintenance and operations department (Mr. Ekpo & Mr Shola Adebisi), including the community interface coordinator, Madam Eno Ekong, to act now or bear total responsibility for any break down or change in the peaceful relationship that exist.
“Nominal role information available to us show an obvious neglect of employment laws and understanding, the youths and people of Bonny cannot continue to endure this evil. our graduates and trained persons continue to suffer in the face of so many. it is absolutely deplorable, this must stop. A Stitch IN TIME SAVES NINE.

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