All religions arc based on sex fertility In one or another. For all the Gods of the people of the nations are idols (Psa. 96:5; 1st Chron. 16:26). There be Gods and Lords many 1st Cor. 8:5. It does not say all are one God, as many false teachers teach. So whenever some one calls Lord or God, you will be very inquisitive to know what God or Lord, of which nation do they man or worship. All names of man’s idol-Gods are names of blasphemy that both Yahweh and Yahoshea dislike intoto, and they say do not let them be heard out of our mouth. Mark you, if you are not interested to search all these names I have told you of their meaning and origins, then you are not interested with Eternal Life. See the two Greek words, lezeus and Christos became Jesus Christ in the later part of the 16th century. Adonis became Adonai of the Jews. Baa! became Lord. El. was the name of the idol God of the Canaanite. God a three letters of three nations,G from Genmanic idol Gott, 0 from Greek Osiris and D from a British Idol Druid was brought together and called God for worship. Many preachers world-wide called the Grand Creator Elohim; so man’s invented religions names Lord, God, Jehovah, Yahshua, Adonay, Christ, Jesus etc are all names of blasphemy, and you must stop right now of using them, and only call upon Yahweh and Yahoshea Meshiyach (Acts 4:12) Yahoshea said He came in His father’s name (John 5:43). (Zepheniah 2:11) says all the idol gods of the nations would be destroyed by Yahweh
Yahweh had name before He created Yahshem who created man. He even gave Yahshem (His Word) the name and authorized Him (Yahshem) to create man, how will man turn round to call or give His Grand Creator a name? EL was head of the Canaanite Pantheon, EL had three wives which were his sisters, this fluidity of relationship is in accordance with the general irrationality and moral grossness of the Canaanite cults.
Excuse me, do you know that El was a blood thirsty tyrant who dethroned his own father Uramis, murdered his favourite son, decapitated his own daughter; so El was considered as the father of men, Gods and exalted ‘Years’. He was also considered as a father ‘Bull’, that is the progenitor of Gods, like Homer’s Zeus Baal was El’s son also known as Hadad. El’s three sister/wives were patronesses of sex and war, point to the degrading inflexible stern attitude of the Old Testament toward the religion of the Canaanites, and to the Canaanites themselves. The RAS Shamra literature speaks of Canaan as the Land of EL, where this DIETY was absolute in authority over all lesser Gods. But Bull later became their great God and was equally Demoralizing. See page 292 Ungers Bible Dictionary. So all that call Yahweh and Yahoshea EL or Elohim are calling them by pagans names which is blasphemy. Although they preach for people to come out of paganism: when they themselves are not yet out of paganism. And other forms of idol names such as God, Jehovah, Lord. Jesus, Christ, Yeshua, Yahshuah, Yahshua, Yahowah, Yahoseh, Yahuweh etc. thus following the Jews and Americans to confuse the world with idol names of which they quote Dictionaries and books invented by mortals.
Excuse me, can the researches of men satisfy the spiritual hunger of mankind? For there is difference between revelation from the Grand Creator Yahweh and researchers from man who likes to falsify truth. Yahweh will not hold people guiltless that take His name in vain (Ex. 20:17). For His name shall endure forever (Psalm 72:17). The name Shuah came from Judah’s Canaanite wife (Gen. 38:2) which means “Depression’; and Jewish SHUA with ‘H’ left off means Wealth’ of which neither one means Saviour as man claims. Yahshua never was the name of the Saviour, because the son came in His father’s name, therefore Yahoshea was what the messenger of Yahweh told the mother Miriam to call the child when born (Matt. 1:21). So you can see that the name His enemies called Him (Jesus Christ) does not, and never reflect on Him; for Jesus Christ are not heavenly names or words, but names of two pagan idols, thus Jesus derived from a Greek idol called Zeus and Christ either a Greek pagan idol called Christos or the Indian pagan idol called Chrisna or Krisna that has about one million heads and hands. Yah is the short form of Yahweh and Oshea in the original language means Saviour, so Yahoshea simply means YahSalvation or Salvation of Yahweh.
The Son, Yahoshea came in His father (Yahweh’s) name (John 5:43). But truth rejecters say that Hebrew language has no vowels, such as A – E – I -0 – U; but that Jews has vowels. Excuse me, there is very big difference between any earthly language and Yahweh’s spiritual language. How foolish is it for mortals who claim wisdom could claim man’s adulterated language as more complete or perfect than that of the Grand Creator of everything, inc1uding man and his language? Yahweh’s language is more complete or perfect than all invented language by man.
After creation, He taught man His language and songs for Sabbath worship. The English language which the Americans also speak is a borrowed language fo’ all the Whites are the descendants of Jacob who refused to call Yahweh’s Sacred name in worships, also who refised Yahoshea Meshiyach as the Saviour of mankind and impaled Him. They are here again to confuse the wo1d’ once again, If the English people had Lost their original Hebrew language, then they should know that Yahweh who is unchangeable and Yahoshea who is the same yesterday, today and forever still have their original language and still reveal themselves and purpose of creating man to their representative presently in the person of Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhj Ovoh of Yah-City. This is in confirmation of Yahoshea Meshiyach’s words in Matthew 21:43 and Isaiah 66:19.
Excuse me, do you kiow that most of the pagan idols worshipped by the world today are invented by the descendants of Shem? Excuse me, when I talk about Shem then you should reflect your mind on the descendants of Abraham; for Abraham had eight children of which spread all over the surface of the world causing lot of havocs politically, morally, socially and religiously; but glory be to Yahweh who has brought His Prophet through a descendant of Ham, the black race to correct all the wrongs of men which they have made thousands of years ago, which have made many to die for nothing. Excuse me, do you think the White man is a very holy man? I say no, how can an holy man manufacture weapons and sell them? The white man presently does not go to church, because they worship money Yes, they are selling church houses in England and America. Excuse me, Most Senior Prophet Yahmarahhi Ovoh, as a spiritual scientist, the twentieth century religious shrine and a systematic religionist which of the children of Israel or Jacob founded France. Britain and America to start with? France is made up of the family or tribe of Reuben. But Ephraim’s tribe or family made up the British Commonwealth, since “Birth” in pure Hebrew means “Covenant” and “ish” means “man”, so when you bring the two words together “British” means in pure Hebrew “covenant man” Manasseh in pure Hebrew means “Creditor”, and since there is no country throughout the world that gives credit as America, so the name fits her. Naplali settled at Italiah or Italy. Naples (Napoli) was derived from the Greek word for “New- City” (Neopolia); I have to mention only four out of the 12 lost tribes of Isreal at Zion. All who are at present in Israel are not Israelites, but KhazarJews, who after the Israelites were captured and carried away, were brought into the land of- Srael as substitutes, who adopted Judaism in 740 A.T)., and started to claim that were descendants of Judah as to claim ownership of the land of Israel. ###

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