“The New Standard Dictionary” has this to say, “God a being regarded as possessing superior human or supernatural qualities or powers, and made an object of worship or propitiation; a higher intelligence, supposed to control the forces of good or evil, a personification of any of the forces of nature or human attribute, interest or relation, a deity, a divinity”. “Every people is a chosen people of its own god or gods.” Excuse me, let us advance to “The Century Dictionary and Encyclopedia”
“God. ME. God God, P1. godes goddes, As god P1. goas, also god P1. Gadu, rarely goda, in gen. p1. godena, OS. OFRIES, Dan. God MLG got, LG got OHG. got, Cot, later guth. p1. gudhir, SW. Dan gud, Gothic guth, gutha, guda, neu. a god. God, a word common to all Teqtonic tongues in which it has numerous derivations not identical outside of Teutonic. It was originally neuter an.: generally in the popular, being applied to HEATHEN DEITIES, and elevated to CHRISTIAN sense upon the conversion of the Teutonic peoples. Popular etymology has long derived god from good, but a comparison of the forms shows this to be an error moreover the notion of goodness is not conspicuous in the heathen conception of the deity.”
Excuse me, do you know that whosoever shalt call upon the ineffable personal name of Yahweh shall be delivered? Excuse me, do you need to be delivered from sickness, sorrow, pain, hate, jealousy, lust, drugs or alcohol? Then open your mouth in faith and call on Yahweh through Yahoshea Meshiyach. Excuse me, stop saying that you have been calling God, Jehovah, Lord and Jesus Christ for years and gotten nowhere; for no idol can fight against itself, for that means idols fighting among its Kingdom.
Excuse me, what school do you attend? Have you International Dictionaries, I mean Encyclopedias? If so, then it means you do not read or study it, But if you do not have money to buy, you can use the public or government library to find out these things. Excuse me, are you not matured enough to know what you worship? Don’t you know that these names you are taught by your so-called international preachers, the-not-do-well-in-their-studies are all pagan idols, and that you were honestly deceived in believing them to be the personal names of the Creator of the universe and the personal name of our Saviour? Excuse me, do you want to tell me that you do not know that Yahweh is the Ineffable personal name of your Grand Creator, and Yahoshea Meshiyach is the personal holy name of your Saviour? Yahweh means, Self-Existence, who explains His name in the Hebrew language as “Yod he waw he”, which in English is interpreted as “I am that I am”
Now ask yourself why those who wrote the Bible deprive us from knowing this mystical name that heals, saves and protects people? In the King James Authorized Version where you see Lord, God or Jehovah carefully read Yahweh; and any where you see Jesus Christ read Yahoshea Meshiyach for you can only obey Yahweh but not man- Excuse me, do you know that all wicked men and women are the pure devils or Satans and all followers of such people are the demons? Excuse me, do you know that man likes to talk lies than truth? And what do you call a liar, is he not a deceiver, and if it is yes, then what is he, not a devil or satan? Excuse me, see in Genesis Chapter 1:27 it is said that Yahweh created man and woman the same day; but the lying pen of man said in chapter 2 of Genesis that the Creator realized latter that He has not created woman and caused Adam to sleep deeply and He removed one rib from Adam and created the woman (Chawah) or Eve. Excuse me, we believe that Yahweh is Omniscience, so how can He forget, after He knew that He had finished His Creation and Rested?
Excuse me, do you know that man likes to cook stories? So do not believe all that is in the Bible for there are certain truths and lies in the Bible, so it is wrong to say it is 100% holy. Time is running out and the Kingdom of Yahoshea Meshiyach is getting nearer than ever, Yes, the Kingdom is upon us.
Excuse me, are you ready? Is your heart clensed? Are you looking for Him? Were you baptized in Yahweh and Yaheshea Meshiyach or in God the father, God the son and God the Holy Ghost? If in the “trinity” then the mark of Salvation is not in you yet. There is a “sign or mark” to show that you are for Yahweh. and when that is not, then what is your plight? You say the Sabbath is for the Jews or Hebrews that you are not Jew nor Hebrew — you are correct, but the Bible you have as authority of what you profess to be, is the history of the Jews or Hebrews, so what is your spiritual stand?
O’ Yahweh, I call on you this day to come to my aid, deliver me from man’s lying or invented doctrine, dogmas and creeds. I have been honestly deceived into these. deadly traps, I am in a complete mess, help me that I may come out of the woods, I thought that I am saved, but I never knew that I was right deep at the bottom of pagan idol worship by using names that were craftily created with initials of the deities of the nations. Therefore help me, to understand truth and’ sound doctrine which your servant Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ovoh is teaching, I call on you right now to bring me out of paganism, not minding the majority, but please I like to belong to the remnant assembly which is called “The Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach that I may be also sealed with your Ineffable Personal Name Yahweh through your only begotten son Yahoshea Meshiyach HalleluYah.
Excuse me, Who are Yahosheans? Yahosheans are believers of Yahweh as the Grand Creator of the Universe and Yahoshea as the Creator and personal Saviour of all mankind. They believe that Yahweh created the son and called Him “Yahshem” meaning “The Word” or Representative or Logos”. Both Yahweh and Yah-shem had divine bones and body, but no blood; for they are eternal. Yahweh asked Yahshem to create messengers, and He created them by His Spoken Word, and they were numberless. Their work is to help and minister things in the universe as they are directed; although they are in grades, and they have names reflecting their powers or offices, infact they reflect the attributes of Yahweh. These are some of their names, Michiah, Gabriah, Raphiah, Uriah, Ariah, Sophia, Chamuiah, Raziah etc. The Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach do not worship any other object than the Grand Creator Yahweh through Yahoshea Meshiyach the redeemer of all humanity; although they regard the spiritual scientist, Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ovoh as the person whom Yahweh has revealed all the hidden things which the isms honestly deceived nearly all mankind.

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