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Dear Editor, I am Ken, 35 years old, residing in Port Harcourt. I am a working class, presentable young man. I need a very ugly lady for a relationship. The lady in question should be good in bed, caring and faithful. I need an ugly lady because I do not want any other man to share her with me. If interested call 07039423058
Dear Editor, I am Ruth, 28 years, based in Benue. I saw your column in the internet, hence I am applying for a mature man who knows the meaning of love to be my Soul Mate. I am pretty and down to earth. Interested men should be serious minded men because I am a blessing to the lucky man both in bed and domestically. Call 07066136968.
Dear Editor, I am Sharon, 26 years old, student of Rivpoly, I am sexy and pretty. I need a nice caring man for a fulfilling relationship. Interested men should be the age limit of 35-43 years, I do not need a fat man please. No smoker should call me. Call 07039423156.
Dear Editor, I am Sico, 25 years old from Delta State, I am tall, sexy with good legs, chocolate in complexion, I am good in bed. I need a sexy nice looking guy for serious relationship that will end at the altar. Interested men should not be ruffians, smokers, drunkards. Call 07065215835.
Dear Editor, I am Brown in my thirties, I reside in Port Harcourt, I am a working class, nice looking, and a real man. I need a caring, pretty, homely, lady for a wife. Interested ladies should either send text or call 08059434079.
Dear Editor, I am Charlie, a Youth Corper in my thirties; I am interested in having a soul mate in your column. Please air my number for interested nice ladies for a serious relationship. Call 080652131473
Dear Editor, KC is my name, I live in Port Harcourt. I need a good lady to be my lovely wife. Interested nice ladies should expect love and care from me. I have the money to take care of the lucky lady. Call 080347853521
Dear Editor, I am Dominic, a crane Operator in Port Harcourt, I am an adult ready to pick a wife. Only ladies interested to get married within a year plus should call my number 08065179795
Dear Editor, I am Goodies in my thirties, I reside in Port Harcourt, I am very handsome. I need a good pretty lady for a serious relationship. I will take care of the lucky lady. Interested ladies should call 08034301757
Dear Editor, I am Amanda (male) in my thirties; I reside in Port Harcourt, presentable, nice in character, caring, loving and God fearing. I need a lady of equal value to be my partner in life. Interested ladies should call 08035270333.
Dear Editor, I am Bright residing in Port Harcourt; I need a senior lady for a serious relationship that will grow into marriage. Interested ladies should call 08180835630.
Dear Editor, I am Favour, in my thirties, residing in Port Harcourt; I am desperately looking for a serious minded man who could make me feel like a woman. The man in question should be respectful, honest, caring, loving, working class and above all God fearing. Interested men should call or text 08064115283
Special Requests

Val is a male, he needs senior ladies for a relationship that could motivate him, Val is a student his number 080626248489

Olayemi is 27 years old, a pretty angel. She is honest, looking for an honest serious minded, caring man to hook up to. She is sexy, faithful, God fearing. If you want a good wife immediately then waste no time call 081888595157. ###

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