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More Facts Emerge As Political Imbroglio In Egypt Deepens

It has been confirmed by Egyptian State media, that the erstwhile President, Hosni Mubarak suffered an unspecified “health crises” after his life jail sentence.
Recently, when he relapsed into comma at the prison, he was taken to the prison hospital and administered oxygen. That showed that his health has really deteriorated, the sources further confirmed.
Even now, Egypt remained polarized and divided over who will take over the mantle of leadership.
This impasse between mainly the revolutionaries and Shafiq’s backers has assumed a crisis proportion which has the potentiality of tearing Egypt apart, if not carefully handled. It would be recalled that the first Presidential election in post Hosni Mubarak era, pited Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood with Ahmed Shafiq, seen as the favourite of Egypt Military Council.
Ever since, more and more demonstrations by the revolutionaries have become the hallmark of the Egyptian society, especially of those who are kicking against the candidature of Ahmed Shafiq in the Presidential run off polls, slated for 16th and 17th June 2012. Some have called the life sentence passed on Hosni Mubarak as not severe enough and that he should stake his life instead. Hosni Mubarak’s two sons, Carnal and Alaa who were acquitted on corruption charges when they were tried alongside their father, were still held behind bars over a separate trial in charges of insider trading.
Some observers believe that to forge ahead smoothly the above scenarios are issues to be resolved or amicably settled and not swept under the carpet.
As the Presidential run off polls draws near in the next few days, more facts are bound to surface in the unfolding drama that personified the political landscape of Egypt. # # #

By Azuka Dibie

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