Man is only wasting his time in trying to prove or bring about cure for HIV with chemical wonder-drugs; only with herbs can the desired result be achieved. Yet we know some nutrients; vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones etc. could be seen with our physical apparatus but there are more to what we see and feel.
Currently we are trying to gear people’s mind toward the mystical and magnetic uses of our African plants and this will disillusion us from the bondage of Western men who produced microphone, wire-less radio, TV, VD, VCD, DVD, Micro-wave and General Street Madness (GSM) etc. Still these are not seen as devilish and diabolic practice or invention, maybe because they were done by the untouchable sacred cows, (WHITE MEN). It has been ascertained that many qualities of an herb cannot be seen with physical instrument and that is the reason disease like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis B and “humanly invented virus” (HIV) will continue to be mystery mirage and money making business for the inventor who are the EATERS OF OUR MEAL.
In this issue, we want to look into the dreaded disease, HIV. A lot has been said about it and individual, groups, government are taking steps to see this menace a forgotten issue, but the question remains, are we asking the question from the right people? Or are we not looking for solution to our problems from the same people that are destroying us. What happened to the Kenyan and Ghanaian who found cure for HIV,I believe those two brothers are nowhere to be found in the surface of the earth. Abalaka proved his with the thirty-six solders and nobody accepted him. If these damage has been done to our brothers who came openly to prove that African medicine indeed is the answer and remedy to this “incurable” curable disease HIV, how then do you expect others to take the risk again. But I am happy with the growth of African medicine and the acceptance by the people today.
Until we shift our attention from man’s science to God’s science, we cannot get the cure for this menace but with natural medicine, the disease will be eradicated and one will live a normal life again. At least result has proved that HIV is curable.
The problems of HIV can never be solved through or by the use of orthodox harmful chemicals called drugs, until we return back to God’s science because man’s biological system is not made with these harmful chemicals
If God is omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresence as the scriptures made us to understand, then he must have kept and placed solutions to every man’s problem. Man’s troubles and health is not an exception. God therefore made us to have faith in nature by using herbs to solve our health problems. There are reasons why God made these herbs before the creation of man.
From research and history, we have recorded more than one thousand eight hundred herbs with antiviral properties which can be used in treatment of diseases and more than three hundred has been used successfully by many practitioners in the treatment of HIV.
We are calling on more Africans with like-minds to join us in this crusade of salvaging our nation from the hands of the EATERS OF OUR MEAL.
Recently, man has deviated from eating the right foods to denatured foods like indomie, meat pies, fried things, excess cow meat, refined drinks like five alive, energy drinks, minerals, malt, milk, beer and many more. These things have left us with nothing more than destroying our immune systems, thereby giving rise to what we are facing today which is the “incurable” curable disease HIV. But thanks to the almighty God who have given us these herbs and plant that have the potency of rejuvenating, rebuilding, reversing our immune system for a normal life again. For enquiries call the number above.

Dr. Tonifelix C. Manu


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