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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let Us Flush Out Rotten Eggs From Nigeria

This is the right time to flush out rotten eggs from our society. Selfish, self-centred leaders should be voted out of government. The question is, “Nigerian bad leaders are the products of whose parents?” Should we blame their political parents or the family (biological) parents?
We should not blame God for our living in poverty because God has blessed us with natural resources like crude oil, gas and many other natural endowments. A toad certainly will give birth to a toad. The bad leaders among us must have had bad parents or else must have been corrupted by friends and close associates.
Then which way forward fellow Nigerians? It is time we change our negative attitudes and have new perspectives towards leadership positions for a better tomorrow.
Our leaders should know that the hallmark of a leader is service. A good leader must be a good follower.
“To serve others is to serve oneself. If I be lifted up, I will carry others along with me.” We hope tomorrow will be better than today. Let us all help to build Nigeria by being sincere to ourselves and elect trustworthy citizens into positions of trust as our leaders.

Kponi Godspower
Rivers State

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