The Call Of Soul

The call of Soul is the spiritual home calling from God to Soul in HU-man form to return home to Its Creator, God. This home is in the pure spiritual worlds of splendor that Soul left behind eons of time ago for his spiritual catechism in the spiritual schools in the lower worlds including our own universe and planet, earth. But apparently man has forgotten his home in the heavens of God and has decided to have permanent abode within the physical worlds, the world of energy, space, time and materialism.
The call of Soul is a spiritual wake-up call to Souls who are ready to listen to the voice of God to begin their journey back home to God.
Some of us are not ready to return home to God simply because we believe that this world is real and as such we do not recognize the spiritual aspect of ourselves known as Soul, created in the image and likeness of God Almighty. So they continue to carry on as if they live only ‘one life’ only for them to return to earth again and again in ignorance because their memory has been cleaned out. Karma ensures that they make the trip a million times if necessary until they realize the spiritual aspect of themselves, then make that decision to return home to God.
This call of Soul therefore affords you the opportunity to take up the gauntlet and wake-up from your spiritual slumber and heed the call home to God.
More than five million years ago and even before time Soul had to come down to earth to learn how to give and receive the love of God then return home as a spiritual graduate to now become a Co-worker with God. This is the summary of the spiritual program. I could still recollect vividly when as a pure ray of light, I as Soul was among the set that descended from the pure heavens of God.
As Souls comes in into the school in the lower heavens which are five in number, some were admitted into the fourth heaven, the etheric plane, while others were admitted into the third heaven which is at the mental plane, some at the second heaven known as the causal plane and some on the first heaven on the Astral plane and finally some at the physical plane where we have our own universe and planet earth. Of course, Soul as pure Light of God was given ‘school uniform’ the Hu-man body that serves as protective shield to be able to live in these different locations in the lower heavenly worlds. While at these spiritual centers of learning, Soul lives life through the causative actions of Karma which helps It to begin life in these spiritual schools referred to as lower heavens due to the vibratory state of these locations. Soul therefore stays at these different heavens (schools) until they are able to complete their spiritual education.
Some of us have lived for more than thirty-five million years! Yes, believe it or not, most of us especially those drawn to read this article, have lived for so many lifetimes. But as written earlier Soul is given an opportunity to start on a new slate where memories of Its past incarnations are kept in the ‘Memory World’ where it is accessible to only those who are spiritually developed enough.
Often times people living on earth for instance could drop their uniform (HU-man body in that process known as death but continue to exist at the first heaven where they shall stay until the appointed time for them to return to school (earth or any of the physical planets) through the process of reincarnation. Thus when Soul drops Its physical uniform it does not mean that it has stopped existing. Soul is eternal so It continues to exist just as God also is eternal. This is the reason why we see our ‘dead’ parents or relatives in dreams and they give us valuable instructions about life here because being in a higher world, they have the capacity to ‘see’ what obtains in the world below their level of existence.
So for those of us on earth here, religion has made us to believe that life is only lived once and after which we go to heaven to enjoy life forever and ever, what a fallacy! In as much as everyone is entitled to his own beliefs and level of consciousness, there is enough evidence in life that proves that there is life after death. For those who do not believe in reincarnation, they are not ready to go back home to God so the call of Soul is not written for them. But for those who are weary for their search for God, for those who climb mountains looking for God, for those who go deep into rivers and oceans looking for God and for those who know and are looking for that missing link between their lives and God, this is a clarion call for them to wake up and heed the call of Soul, the call from God, to begin their journey back home to God.
So how and where do you begin?
When Soul descended from the pure heavens of God it ‘rode’ on a spiritual current known as the Holy Spirit, the voice of God. This Holy Spirit moves from the heart of God in a centrifugal fashion to the ends of God’s creation carrying all Souls to their education center and backwards in a centripetal fashion back into the heart of God, carrying Souls who are ready to go back home.
Now that we are on earth here what we need is to get linked up to this Holy Spirit, this spiritual wave to lead us back home to God. This Holy Spirit is manifested as Light and Sound. This is why in all religions references are made to this Light and Sound sometimes as ‘the rushing winds’. Check your Holy Books to trace these references. It is the responsibility of each of us who are ready to seek the Light and Sound of God anywhere we can find it so that we can begin our journey home to God in earnest.
Only one individual is appointed by God to link Soul to this Light and Sound of God, the Audible Lifestream that can return Soul back home to God. This individual is known as the Living Word and today He ‘dwells’ amongst men. He lives in America in flesh but spiritually He is capable of making contact with any individual who desires the Love of God strongly enough. He is the Spiritual Coach, the Chief Agent of God.
The password to reach him is by singing the HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God.
The individual who is ready does not need to travel to America but upon singing HU, the individual can obtain feedback in his dreams to whatever questions he has about life. This is the whole secret about life and man’s relationship with God.
Once the individual is linked up with the Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound of God, the light will start to light up the individual’s path while the Sound gives the individual the direction to follow.
The call of Soul is for the bold individuals who are destined to look for God while the meek shall inherit the earth and continue to be subjected to the vicissitudes of Karma and Reincarnation

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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