Getting Answers From God

From time immemorial, man has attempted to get direct communication from God Almighty. He has tried all possible means to ensure that he gets direct guidance from God and seek answers to his daily problems. Any man who seems to have been able to achieve this is seen as a great man indeed.

It is for this reason that those individuals in history who have heard the Voice of God and have seen the Light of God usually have religious following after their exit from this world of materiality. Those who end up being their followers then end up becoming ‘readers’ of their activities instead of having direct experience or link with God Almighty. They end up becoming ‘men of words’ only quoting from historical Holy Books instead of having their own direct experiences with God.

In the early days, man had wanted a sign from his Creator while he roamed the surface of the earth. The only mystifying substance he found was the sun that moved across the skies in a definite pattern. It rose in the morning giving Light and brilliancy to all and disappeared in the evenings only to reappear in the morning. The physical sense of man was beginning to comprehend motion. Man the saw the motion of the sun as a sign from God and thus began the worship of the sun god. Then man reasoned that if the sun could appear and disappear and re-appear on a daily basis it must have power over their lives.

This was the beginning of man worshipping something outside of itself.

During the times of Galileo, man made some great attempts to understand the nature of the earth in relation to our galaxy and indeed the physical universe. But those who made such attempts were either imprisoned or put to death for daring to be different from the religious beliefs of their day. It took man more than 500 years to realize the truth and make a formal apology to Galileo and his group over the great discovery of the earth being spherical as opposed to being flat, proposed by the church then.

During the time of Newton, he discovered the different laws of motion and stated the first law of motion, which states that ‘a body will continue to remain at rest until an external force compels it to move’. In other words, the body mass of its own is not capable of movement until a ‘force’ different from it makes it to move.

If man, a body, will always remain at rest, what ‘Force’ compels man to move?

Man is composed of both the physical and spiritual parts. The physical is made of the material body, which is visible to the physical eyes while the spiritual parts are the mind and Soul. Both of these are not visible to the physical eyes and are only perceivable through the spiritual senses of man. Since his spiritual senses are fast asleep man is not aware of the existence of these spiritual aspects of himself.

The physical body is made of organic matter and its therefore biodegradable. It lives for a while and after or before it’s useful life, dies and decomposes. But the spiritual aspect of man known as Soul is the Holy Spirit individualized. It is eternal and indestructible. It shares the same attributes of the Holy Spirit. These attributes are omnipotence (all powerful), omnipresence (capable of being everywhere) and omniscience (knows all). Looking at man today, one can see that man hardly knows all, is hardly in more than one place and is hardly what one can call powerful because he is yet to know who he is!

This spiritual aspect of man therefore is what needs to be developed so that man can understand God easily. For if at the core of man, he is a unit of the Holy Spirit, then why does man suffer? If man is created in the image and likeness of God why does he look outside himself for God? If man is a spiritual being why does he climb mountains and searches oceans for the God that is within himself?

For the secret of getting answers from God lies within man.

So how can man get answers from God? Where does he begin?

The first step man must make in getting answers from God is for man to realize that he does not need a third party, a prophet or prophetess, or a man of god to make contact with God Almighty. If he does not have this conviction he will not succeed. The first step therefore is for man to know that there are no intermediaries between himself and God and that the only means of contacting his Creator is within himself. If man has decided to put anyone between himself and God his creator such a man is living in self -delusion. But everyman has a right to even his own ignorance.

The second step is from man to learn from those who know the secret of God. This secret is the Holy and Sacred name of God known as the HU. If man has been calling god with any other name apart from the HU, he would have been wasting his precious time. For HU is the name that demands and gets a response from God Almighty.

The HU is sung in this way. The individual finds a room or place where he will not be disturbed for about ten to twenty minutes. He can sit in a ‘tailor fashion’ with eyes closed and attention focused on the ‘spiritual eye’ at the center of the forehead, in between the two eyebrows. He must fill his mind with loving thoughts of his wife or her husband, mother, father or children, but he must place his attention on love. This is because god is Love. Then in an outword breath, he sings the word HU like this ‘huuuueeee’ repeatedly. He takes in another deep breath and repeats the word as in ‘you’. He does this for a period of ten to twenty minutes and waits for a period of two to five minutes in silence. Sometimes the individual can experience either the Light of God or the Sound of God. At other times the individual can feel the presence of God. The more the individual does this the more he would unfold the spiritual aspect of himself known as Soul.

HU is the secret password to God.

How then can one get a response from God after singing this Holy and Sacred name of God?

The other way man can obtain feedback is through the dream state during sleep. This is because, man while asleep would have his conscious mind asleep and information from God can be passed through to man in what is regarded as dream. Though this is one of the elementary ways one can obtain feedback from God Almighty. The other ways are through direct perception and ‘out of body’ experiences. But the individual has to be spiritually developed enough to achieve these feats.

Another pertinent information the individual would need to realize is that all what man calls problems are actually situations that are used in turning the attention of man to God. For if man had no problems he would not remember God. No man is ever given any problems more than he can manage by himself.

Man should also realize that God Almighty knows all the problems of the individual and as such the individual should place his attention on God by singing the HU and the solutions to his problems shall come via the dream state.

Third, the individual must realize that God is formless and as such cannot be seen with the physical eyes. But to minister to man, the Holy Spirit is polarized on a chosen individual at every time in history that acts as a direct channel for God. This individual is known as the Living Godman who is known as the voice of God. It is the responsibility of each individual who is interested in his journey back home to God to seek out this Living Godman whom God has appointed to teach man about God and take man back home to God while the individual is still alive.

Anyone who tells the individual that he has to die before going to the heavens of God does not know the way. He is a usurper and a charlatan who cannot deceive the children of God forever.

For one day in eternity, Soul in HU-man flesh would find his way out of this spiritual prison back home into the heavenly worlds.

The starting point is the HU, the Holy and Secret name for God.


By Tuborki Dauyemie

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