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Goldashe Int’l Club of Openness- Joseph



The Team Manager of Godashe International Social Recreational Football Club has said that his club Goldashe is a club where openness is being demonstrated.

The Goldashe social recreational club is a club made up of people of different background ranging from business to politics. Socially involved in recreational football activities and is one of the most organized social recreational football clubs recognized in the state.

The club has it club house right inside the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), where it has it training every Sunday evening to ease of the stress of their lives.

The club is a social recreational football that is constituted by retired active footballers of yesteryears. Some of them have played in the state and the country’s national team.

According to the team manager, Duntonye Joseph, Goldashe is a club of openness where every participant of the club activities is given freedom to express his ideas. Stressing that the club is a place where those who do not have time to ease of stress have the opportunity to ease of their stress and bored life.

He pointed out that the openness of the club makes others to tap at the charitable nature of the club, adding that the club has helped many upcoming footballers find their feet in both some of the premier club in the Nigeria professional league and had also sponsored some players to oversea to play football as a career.

The easy going club administrator disclosed that the unity existing in the club could only be liken to that of a united one family, urging all well meaning retiring footballers in the state to avail themselves to enjoy the openness of Goldashe.

“Goldashe does not have any iota of discrimination in its plan as where one comes from does not count, where Goldashe is functioning, hence all tribe could be found in the club and all enjoy the same camaraderie devoid of tribe or ones religion”. ###

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