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The Dishonour from An Honourable Chambers

CROWNThe word Honourable, according to the oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (8th Edition) simply denotes “deserving respect and admiration, showing high moral standards etc.

In the same dictionary the word Dishonour denotes, “a loss of honour or respect because you have done something immoral or unacceptable”.

If according to the dictionary as quoted above, these words are universally acceptable and practiceable norms, then there is the urgency and without fear or favour the need to call on these members of the once revered Rivers State House of Assembly to questioning and ofcourse out from the chambers.

This time not by the security agencies, but by the electorates who either by proxy, real or otherwise elected these members to represent them.

The activity, show of shame and dishonour that emanated from the once labeled hallowed chambers of the Rivers State House of Assembly is no longer an issue to be ignored, forgotten or let go with ease as damages had been done both against human beings, properties and posterity.

The reversed and hallowed chambers is now desecrated since the essence of that chambers has been defeated.

The chambers was dedicated for the purposes of promulgating and making of laws that will enhance the living and comfort of the people.

But if the essence if any institution is defeated, it presupposed that such institution, organization and establishment can no longer function, exist and even carry out its legal functions.

In this regard, members of the 7th Rivers State House of Assembly have through their quest for more money, greed to acquire and keep all, destroy the beauty, serenity, hallowed and honoured chambers, therefore need to be recall back home, if effective democratic system is to strive in the state.

I am sure that some may wonder at my position and stance on the recalling back home of members of the State House of Assembly. They may refer to the many sagas in the House of Representatives where speakers were removed amidst many chaos.

Yes, I will agree with them that such disturbances and uproar took place at the Nigerian House of Representatives, but the difference between these circumstances are that while the Representatives were caught exchanging blows that of Rivers State Assembly was labeled with attempting murder as a principal victim is yet to be discharged from a London hospital.

A physical brawl may have been easy for separation but the Iraq and Iran like battle in the Rivers House of Law was such a terrifying and dangerous one for the ordinary people to intervene.

The sad story has come and gone but the aftermath is a sore one that the National Assembly had taken over the affairs of the Assembly. What a dishonour and disgrace to Rivers State.

The Ekiti saga was better described as sweeter than Rivers, Adamawa experience was even enjoyable than ours in Rivers because the Rivers fracas took a dimension that was seen as either instigated by Chief Nyesom Wike and Gov. Rotimi Amaechi or whosoever, with the mace, symbol of authority fighting other than the fist.

But on that fateful day Chief Nyesom Wike the minister of Education for state was not in Rivers State rather Gov. Amaechi was found at the hallowed chambers without due process as allowed by law, irrespective of any excuse given by his admirers.

The House of Representatives had gotten their fair share of brawls some years ago when several speakers were booted out of office, especially during the 6th Assembly. Their troubles were however settled by their godfathers, which I am optimistic prompted the essence of the existence and lesson of the 7th Assembly today.

God fatherism exists whatsoever in the Nigeria politics and elsewhere in the world, so it is expected that political sons and daughters adhere to their mentors who instructs and direct them on what, when, where, who and how to embark on any action at any given time. These actions are carried out as directed irrespective of whose ox, cow or ass is involved.

The shame or dishonour from the hallowed chambers of the Rivers State House of Assembly is of serious and immense concern because the godfathers (Political fathers, mentors or Architects) are yet to give any positive reactions for its ceasefire hence, the lingering crisis.

I am sure that, though many believed that the Nigerian/Biafran civil war was labeled “No victor No Vanquish” there was no war without a winner or loser under the earth.

If you catch my joke here, you will agree with me that the PDP crisis in Rivers State seeks to take more casualties before it s ceasefire.

Already, many in the Rivers PDP are counting losses as the game rages on with a supposed target that may or not be accomplished in any format, guise and dimension.

Remember, it is written “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Almighty  God”. Many in Rivers PDP have fallen into the hands of their party, the PDP and this has its consequences because according to organizational rules as it also affects the PDP, it provides that an organization is above the individual member, therefore the interest of such organization is given priority above that of an individual.

But our concern in this episode is on the dishonour brought to us by the so called honourable members.

These 32 Men and Women in the house who were probably elected as the case may be in 2011 by their respective local government state constituencies have brought dishonour to ALL.

In my opinion, these lawmakers whose primary functions are promulgation of laws have not only deviated from their duties but have slammed the electorates with the notion that they are no longer capable of making laws if any at all.

In many quarters, they were criticized of working after their personal pockets and not that of the populace. That same attitude is being replicated at the local government councils by lawmakers- councilors whose activities are nothing to write home about.

Most local council legislative assemblies in the state have not proposed neither passed any bill into bye-laws since inauguration in 2011. Indeed in our subsequent episode, we shall take a look at the councils.

The interest of the councilors and their respective executive Chairmen is focused only on the budget for each successive year and not its implementation.

The state lawmakers who have resorted to fighting and falling on bags of monies need to be recalled back home to serve as deterrent to others who may seek that office in 2015.

It is my opinion because the lukewarm attitude of electorates over the ill-activities of those lawmakers has become their strength and encouragement to keep feet in perpetrating injustices to the state.

The recent dishonour, disrespect, shame and name calling brought upon the state by supposedly law and image makers have not only greeted the state with misfortune but is also capable of plunging the state into further blood shed in future, if not nip today in the bud.

Did you know that the hallowed chambers need to be rededicated to God before further usuage?

That is why we must condemn the hasty and purported session or sitting by the so-called Assembly immediately after the blood bath in the chambers, that same day.

Remember, some lawmakers blood were spilled on the Assembly on that evil day.

It was indeed, a dishonour to the state by the so-called honourables.

Infact their title should be change from honourable to dishonourable members to serve as lesson for all. Thank you all. ###


With James Mgboineme



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