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Ogunbote Takes Sharks Off Relegation Zone

OGUNBOTE GBENGAAfter playing his week 32 match against ABS which he did showed his supremacy by beating the visitors 4-0 at Sharks Stadium, he clearly boasted that Sharks will not be relegate, true to his earlier word, Sharks can boast of either eyeing either to finish the league as one of the first 5 or 6 position but not definitely below that if Sharks could not secure continental ticket, he said.
Unlike before, Sharks attack is more sharper than when he took over the managership of the club. He has also fortified the midfield and his defence which is trying it best to reassure both supporters club of Sharks and Sharks fans a great deal.
Coach Ogunbote name would go down to history if he could navigate Sharks out of relegation at the end of the league, even if he did not get continental ticket for Sharks compared to the position Sharks find herself before his talking over of managership of Sharks.
Sharks had been written off by many soccer fans of the Port Harcourt as Sharks was relegation threatened from the beginning of the league.
The man Ogunbote is also a man of courage and faith as many coaches would not dared the risk he took by accepting Sharks coaching job while he has just made name for himself with sunshine of Akure in a continental outing with few matches to go, supporters and fans of Sharks are in a relax mind because they are sure that Sharks will not go on relegation at the end of the league, though coach Ogunbote rather eyes continental ticket, according to him, it is not over till it is over.
Pointing out that there is no clear leader of the league yet, and that keeps Sharks and other clubs into contestion, it might be Sharks or other clubside the optimistic Ogunbote stated. ####

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