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2015: IDF Backs Ijaw Governor In Rivers State

A political pressure group known as the Ijaw Democratic Front (IDF) has been formally launched in Rivers State. The group said is aimed at encouraging, inspiring and mobilizing the Ijaw people for a collective action on socio-economic and political issues that concern all Ijaws.

The inauguration which took place at the Alfred Diette Spiff Civic Centre on Friday attracted some prominent Ijaw sons and daughters.

Speaking at the inauguration, the national and international co-ordinator, of the group Comrade Kenneth Robinson said, one of the major points for setting up this group is to ensure that the Ijaw tribe of the state occupies the gubernatorial seat come 2015. He stressed that the Rivers people came to an understanding that power must be a “Turn By Turn” alleging that today, the Riverine has been sidedlined by the upland people of the state.

He maintained that the Ijaws voted the upland against their brothers and sisters who were qualified because they felt that since Rivers State is made up of two geographical areas, the Riverine and the upland, one should rule after the other. But the body language of the upland indicates that they do not want to hand over power to the riverine, he further said, they (Riverine) are liberal and that is why they should allow them.

Comrade Robinson said, IDF seeks for 1.3million signatures of the people of Rivers State to actualize its dream come December 2013 to choose the Ijaw man or woman who will represent the state.

Also addressing the audience, the chairman of the occasion, Navy Captain Ibim Princewill said that the objective of the body is to stimulate political Coperation amongst the Ijaws, consolidate the ideas of the Ijaws and actualize their dream. He also said that plans and principles do not achieve themselves but that much discipline is needed to actualize the goals of IDF therefore members must realize the responsibility that lies on their shoulders.

He said, for the group to succeed, they should remain focused, respect one another and never forget that God is the source of all strength. ###

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