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Keshi Ends Brazil 2014 For Ike Uche, Soccer Fans React

PROF. BRAIDESuper Eagles manager, Coach Stephen Okechukwu Keshi has shut the doors against informed all time Super Eagles world cup qualifiers goal scorer, Uche Ike, saying he lack tactical discipline.

Soccer fans in Port Harcourt reacts to this all important issue considering that the world is a stage every country participating in the World Cup go there to showcase their best materials. Nigerian soccer fans considered Uche Ike as one of Nigeria’s best legs that ought to feature for Nigeria at 2014 Brazil world cup, considering his goal scoring form both in country and clubside, more so, when the player is on fire in the Spain football league where he plays his football, making him the highest goal scorer with 12 goals this season.

To seek the opinion of soccer fans about the issue, The Newswriter sports desk went into seeking the thoughts of few soccer fans.

Prof. Solomon Braide is a football enthusiast and one time president of Goldashe international football club of Port Harcourt, has this to say, Keshi is the coach as such he knows what he wants and also knows all the players under his guide.

He pointed out that playing the ball with high skill is not the issue for a good coach like Keshi. Keshi as a good coach has been with the players and have studied their individual character as well as their skill and contributions to his plans, so it will be right for Keshi to take any decision he will take that will help him succeed in his job.

According to the university of Science and Technology don, there are other players Keshi could use to execute and prosecute his match plans hence he gives no room to any player with bad influence to affect his match tactical plans with other players in the team.

He stressed that Keshi as a good manager is not looking at how good a player may be to Nigerians, he feels he has enough talented players who are disciplined he could work with to achieve result for the country.

Saying finally, Ike Uche could go, if Keshi has found him lacking in tactical discipline so be it.

Leon C. Ukandu, the Director of Total sports at opposite Sharks stadium on his part said Keshi should be careful the players he takes to the world cup.

According to him, playing good ball without tactical discipline does not make a player. If a player is good with his skill in the field of play without character that players will not be useful to himself and his country.

“There are great players like Lionel Messi, Christian Ronaldo, pointing out that if they are not tactically disciplined, they would not be the world class players, they are today.

“If Ike Uche is not tactically discipline according to Stephen keshi, he should leave him out of the world cup squad, such indiscipline attitude does not even help the player’s career.”

He prays that Keshi should gather the best, humble players that could work with him to give a good result to the country in the world cup. ###

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