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The Rivers PDP Third Force Movement (RPTFM) attention has been drawn to the press release with the above caption, disowning the secretary of RPTFM.

The movement wishes to state that the issues it has consistently argued upon are; that the Rivers State PDP structure at the state and LGA levels are all products of Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike, the PDP structures in the state are incapacitated and cannot function effectively because it is the grand design of Nyesom to make it so, that PDP in Rivers State no longer exist because Nyesom Wike’s GDI has taken over the machineries and functions of the party, that Rivers PDP continues to go aground while Wike’s political empire increases, that Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike is using the name of the President to build a political empire for himself, that the PDP should not allow Nyesom Wike to field himself as representative of the party for the 2015 elections because it would amount to grave injustice to the people of Rivers State which have a plurality of ethnic nationalities, that, if the party insists to field

Wike it would lose the Guber election and endanger that of the President in Rivers State.

We are convinced that the solution to the menace would be addressed if ; Nyesom is sacked so that the source of power which he uses to build his political empire at the expense of the Rivers PDP will be cut off, the party machineries are restructured to give other stake holders the opportunity to contribute their quotas to the development of PDP and finally, Nyesom Wike does not dare to context under PDP so that the party can stand out in the forthcoming 2015 elections. These are the major contentions of the Rivers PDP Third Force Movement.

However, the movement wishes to further state that the disowning of Mr. Oprite Amachree in a press release signed by S.A on Media to the state PDP Chairman has buttressed a part of the criticism that the PDP in Rivers State has been made ineffective and lacks political and administrative acumen. Such press release emanating from the party hierarchy ought to be signed by an official in the PDP Secretariat like the Party Secretary or Party Publicity Secretary, they should also be the ones to call for conferences of such magnitude and not a personal employee of the party Chairman like Jerry Needam or Samuel Nwanosike.

Also the movement wishes to state that Nyesom Wike’e PDP State excos are grossly incompetent because they are not on the know those who are duly registered members of the party in the state, despite the documentations done. How do these kind of people continue to run the affairs of the party? For the benefit of the ignorant and sycophantic crusaders of Wike’s empire, let it be clearly stated that Mr. Oprite Amachree is a duly registered member of the PDP in Ward 2, Asari-Toru Local  Government Area of Rivers State with Card No 4013776 as such neither Mr Jerry Needam nor Mr Samuel Nwanosike of GDI are more bonafide members of the party than him.

The RPTFM also states that it does not require the permission of Chief Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike, Bro Felix Obuah or Jerry Needam to come together under the umbrella of our beloved PDP to fight for the interest of the marginalized and excluded stakeholders in the party.Let us also state for the benefit of the educated illiterates in the GDI and Wike’s lackey’s in the Rivers PDP like Jerry Needam, Samuel Nwanosike and others who need to be un-tutored at their understanding of politics that; the pluralist concept of democracy rests on the fact that people with similar interest can come together to form an organize group in order to enhance their causes and influence the political agenda of the state, party or institution.

It also maintained in this respect that no single group or agency should dominate in politics for the purpose of outlining the best policies for the proper functioning of the state, party or institutions.

Based on this premise and with the interplay of our recognized civil rights and political liberties, the Rivers PDP Third Force Movement is acting within its legal rights to call for a stop to the anomalies

taking place in the Rivers State PDP. The Movement will stop at nothing short of making sure that; Nyesom Wike is sacked, the  PDP is restructured and Wike is not fielded on the platform of the Party for the Guber election.

Finally, the members of the RPTFM roundly condemn the Press Release

purportedly emanating from the Rivers State Chapter of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, but signed by Jerry Needam who is a private employee to the Chairman of the Party and the previous responses by one Samuel Nwanosike who claims to be the Assistant Publicity Secretary of the State Chapter of the PDP. The statements are manifestly false and lacking in any modicum of authenticity, we advise that they reply to the issues raised by the

movement other than welshing from them.

Our request to the National Leadership of the PDP continue to be that the PDP in Rivers State be immediately restructured to stop the evil machinations of Chief Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike and his allies like Chief Uche Secondus and the GDI elements in their invidious plot that would unwittingly destroy the PDP in Rivers State and by so doing endanger the success of the 2015 Presidential and Guber elections for the PDP.

We also request that Chief  Ezebunwo  Nyesom Wike be immediately sacked from the Federal Executive Council as Minister before he causes further disaffection in the ranks of the party in the State by his actions which he always claims are with the National Leader’s consent, but which we know to be false!






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