Has Law Been Abolished?

Again the man of sin or lawlessness led men to observe vain worship by ending prayers through the word “Amen”. What is “Amen”? Churchgoers’ will rushedly concluded that it means, “Let it be,” but such is a wonderful lie. Amen is an ancient religious word, which originated from Egyptian mystery. The word “Amen” is derived from the name of Egyptian Pharaoh called Tutaken Amen who ruled Egypt by 1, 500 B.C.E. It is through him that the religion of Tutakenism and Amenism emerged. He forced people to seek things through his name Amen. Ordinary Egyptian under Tutaken Amen is required to beg his fellows anything in the name Amen. And he who is reported to have failed to give out to one who pleads in the name Amen will be severally punished. The name Amen became a name for reception and prayers. When Tutaken Amen died, he was idolized just like all other passed Pharoahs. It is through him that the religion of Amen RA emerged. And amen became a name for reception of Good.

The church incorporated the use of Amen into worship in order to compensate the Egyptian believers who were part of the formation of early church under Emperor Constantine.

By 325 AD, many representations of many religious sects of international standing gathered at Laodecea to iron out ways or formalities of the new state church. The Egyptian mystery were representated by the Serapis worshipers from Alexandria, a city in Egypt. The council of Laodecea harmonized many pagan practices to form what we know today as Roman Catholic Church. Through that council, the name Amen was adopted as a closing word for prayers and supplication unto Yahweh. But the Hebrew brothers use to end their prayers with the world “Halleluyah” which means “Praise Ye Yah”. They later changed to Amem after Roman captivity.

The man of sin introduced the use of sun Nimbus, Sundisc or Aural on the head of the acclaimed saints. Sundisc is the sunbeam that surrounds the head of those adjudged to be saints. For instance the heads of Yoseph, Virgin Mary and the son Yahoshea are always identified with the Sun nimbus sorrounding them.

Such painting or decoration did not emanate from the disciples of Yahoshea but it was a direct handwork of the Sun God worshipers. Solarization of persons or saints is one of the ancient believe of sungod worshippers. Even some emperors of Babylon or Rome were decorated in such manner. So it was practiced by many sungod worshipping sects like, Mitras Cult, Macionites, Neoplatonies, Zoroaster, Serapis sect of Alexandria, Apollo worshippers and so on. So since all this sects profess one form of religions or believe, they out manuovered the Yahosheans who has been weakened by persecutions, during the council at Laodacea. So all the bills of Sungod worshippers got majority support and sailed through because all of them resembles in ideology.

The man of sin introduced the doctrine of “Mother and Child” in worship. Mother and child worship is a feminine religious practice which originated from Babylon through Samirams and Tammuz. This doctrine spread to many pagan nations with the names substituted. For example in Rome it is known as Venus and Apollo.

In Greek it is known as Aphrodite and Zeus and in Egypt it is know as Isis and Osiris. In mother and child, the woman is cited with a baby in her palm. The church turned it into worship of virgin Mary and Yahoshea whom they renamed to Jesus. The woman is some time represented by a dove. And that is why the comforter is identified with dove in the church. The phrase is that when Samiramis is about to die, she instructed her maids to quickly bury her immediately she dies and to raise alarm that she dematerise into a dove and fly away from the eastern window. So when she finally gave up the ghost, the maids carried out the assignment and the people of Babylon adopted dove as a symbol of Samiramis (the harlot of Babylon) the queen mother whom the majority of the world worships today as Mary.

The man of lawlessness adopted the use of cross and star. As you rightly know cross is a symbol of Tammuz while the star or sun is the symbol of the Nimrod.

The cross is identified as the sun wheel in the Babylonian mystery. And Emperor Constantine said he dreamt and saw the cross, after some waverings, was superimposed on the sun, so he raised to believe that cross is a partner of sun which he worships. This led him to mark his soldiers with the sign of cross for battle which they won, Emperor Constantine concluded that cross is an ally of the sun or star. Some religious groups today claim that they are congregation for cross and star without knowing the origin of such dogma. So whosoever that believes that cross is a means of salvation or he who prays with cross sign, or hangs cross on his neck or uses it for work has committed abomination because he is patronizing Babylonism that Yahweh hates.

The man of sin adopted the feature of Towers and Obliesk in the churches. All these are ancient Babylon dogmas that is why we have Tower of Babel. Obliesk is a phallus symbol, it is a tall erection that looks like manhood symbols. And the superstition agrees that Obliesk is a sign of fertility. The Obliesk erected by, Samiramis was cited at Vatican Hill and was ordered to be uprooted and transplanted into the Saint Peters Basilica in Vatican. The church paid heavily to transfer the Obilesk into the church premises where it stands right now.

The man of sin introduced or adopted blood sacrifice into worship. All manner of blood sacrifice are driven from ancient pagan practices, Yahoshea Meshiyach has no blood when he came to minister on earth. He was a full spirited human person. Yahoshea Meshiyach was a spirit in heaven known as the “word” with the name “Yahshem”.


Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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