The Spiritual Purpose of Life

If one were to carefully observe the activities of mankind and indeed that of nature and animals, it is easy for one to conclude that life is no more than being born, growing up, getting a job, getting married, feeding one’s family accumulating enough wealth for unborn children, sleep, enjoy and eventually wait for death at old age. Since the mystery of life is beyond the spiritual capacity of man, property accumulation and indeed prosperity, power and material acquisitions are now the yardstick for measuring how successful an individual is or has been in life.

But for that individual who can see beyond the veil of life he should be able to ask some pertinent questions about the life of man on earth. Among these questions are the following:

‘Where did I come from and where am I going to after death?’

‘Does life begins with being born and does it terminate with death?

Why would man be sent to this earth to suffer and at the same time waiting to die to go to heaven to enjoy forever? What then is the purpose of life.

Contemporary issues like terrorism, economic woes, politics, violence and other occurrences will definitely make any normal hu-man being to ponder the meaning of life. The spate of violence in Nigeria for example would make the individual ask the questions’

Is there God?’,

‘Why are these things happening?’

‘What is the meaning behind all these ‘senseless’ killings?’

Why would God seemingly allow evil to thrive?’

These are questions that more than half of the inhabitants of Nigeria would be asking God. When this was going on in Iraq and elsewhere most of us in this part of the world never thought it would ever get to our door step. The issues at stake cannot be resolved by our religious gurus because it is also beyond them. As usual we find a lot of us ‘praying’ to God for a matter in which God was not invited at the beginning. In fact some individuals would also claim that indeed they were killing their fellow men for God. Some claim when they kill in the name of their religion or God, they are instantly transported into heaven. Pray, how does the killing of another child of God lead a murderer to heaven?

Now that this phenomenon has gotten to Nigeria, what then is the spiritual purpose of life?

How come God seemingly allows evil to thrive when everyone is praying to God to stop it?

Why hasn’t it stopped in Iraq, Syria and other violent regions? Does it mean that God does not love his children living in these regions?

If we understand the purpose of life no one would be surprised at the turn of events in Nigeria. This is because there is spiritual rhythm to all events in the lives of a nation and an individual. Any individual who is able to understand and study this rhythm will be able to predict any occurrence. This is why those who know will say ‘ Everything is in it’s rightful place’ and as such God cannot be blamed if man cannot fathom why things are the way they seem on the surface.

Earth and indeed the physical universe is a training ground for soul. Everyone one of us is Soul but fortunately and unfortunately our spiritual level of consciousness or awareness will not allow some of us to recognize this fact. Our religions have made us to carry on as if life is all about our physical existence and as such we believe and have been made to believe and think that we are only hu-man beings made from flesh, blood and bones only without any spiritual significance.

This shallow belief is what has given birth to all our erroneous thoughts, words, feelings and actions. If not that our beliefs being predicated on wrong or faulty notions, why would an individual believe that if he or she kills another in the name of religion, he would go to heaven? This is why all thoughts, words actions and feelings are generated from the seed of our beliefs. If our beliefs are predicated on prosperity, there will definitely be a craze for material wealth as we are witnessing in Nigeria of today. If our thoughts words and actions are predicated on love or the divine love of God,, we would definitely see more love and kindness in all we do.

Now that Nigeria is at this crossroads we then need to find the spiritual meaning to life.

Earth, Venus and other planets in the physical universes are training centers for soul. Each of us is given a body upon our descent into any of these training facilities. Just like a student writes JAMB and qualifies to enter a university, so also Souls qualify to come to these training schools to study. The uniform in these schools differs from place to place but on earth here, it is the hu-man body. Upon arriving at this school most of us forget and some of the more spiritually advanced remember. Each of us comes with specific assignment to accomplish. But as soon as we arrive here, some get carried away while others are trapped with idiosyncrasies of religion. After spending about seventy years, the individual regrets everything and of course when he gets to the court of the dead, his case is judged on merit and man is either sent back here or is posted to a place to continue his spiritual education. So man keeps going and coming, learning nothing and continues to blame God for his woes.

The object of learning in all the training schools is learning how to receive and give the love of God to all life we meet.


To be continued.


By Tuborki Dauyemie


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