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Bishop Katey To Eleme, People Should Donate Trophy

BISHOP KATTEYThe bishop of Commonwealth Covenant Church International Eleme, Bishop Moses Olaka Katey has appealed to sons and daughters of Eleme to donate soccer trophy to be competed for among the youths of Eleme.

According to bishop Katey, he is not happy that Eleme sons and daughters are not donating soccer trophy for Eleme Sons and daughters to be competed for.

Bishop Moses Katey is a football enthusiast and believed that soccer is the largest industry that could provide livelihood for the youths, stressing that, if Eleme people could donate a trophy for Eleme sons and daughters to be competed for, apart from providing livelihood, it will also take care of youth, restiveness as the youths will be busy all seasons, hence they may not have the time to involve themselves in any social vices, pointing out that it will help both the society and the individual as he or she will be more mentally creative in making themselves useful to the society and themselves.

Bishop Katey, for his love for the youths and soccer, has a football team, and had also competed against Sharks at the state FA organized soccer competition.

He frown that businessmen and politicians are not donating soccer trophy. He commended Hon. Oji Ngoja, saying he is trying, while saying that only a tree cannot make a forest, hence he wants other Eleme sons and daughters to donate soccer trophy for the youths, to be competed among themselves, as to discover soccer talents and curb youth restiveness.

According to him, politicians are making mess of soccer talents in Eleme land. He recounted what a member of the House of Representative did, donating a soccer trophy without bringing the money meant for the finals to complete the competition.

According to him, that action made Eleme youths to reject a senate proposal to donate a trophy for the youths in Eleme to be competed for.

Their reasons, they will not compete in any other competition except the member of House of Representative dole out the money meant for the finals of his trophy. They said they will not compete in any competition till the Rep member finishes his competition. For the attitude of Eleme sons and daughters, he said, his family might donate a trophy for the youths to be competed for in Eleme next year.

Concerning Keshi resignation, he said the Nigeria Football Federation should not go for a foreign coach rather those who worked under Keshi should be considered to take over from Keshi.

Though he lamented that Keshi has resigned, saying that he would not really want Nigeria to miss Keshi. ##


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