Which Way-Yahosheanism Or Christianity?

He pointed that only in the process of eliminating of such dignitaries, judges and officers will solution come to the Hebrew masses.

Many of these Hebrew Christians blamed the Popes and Roman kings of not persecuting the Hebrews adequately. They claimed that salvation of the Hebrew will come only when many Hebrew citizens are massacred and the particular generation of Hebrews reduced in numbers, some Hebrews will immediately convert to the dominant Christian faith out of fear and in that way a handful is saved and they will no longer be ashamed of the Church openly.

Other apostles of Anti-Judaism include Nicholas Donin of France, Pablo Christiani, Hieronymus de Sancta Fide in Spain and Nigri Petrus of Germany.

Today misrepresentation of the concept of Judeo-Christian faithful in the 14th century has contributed to the stigmatization of all Messianic Hebrews as Apostates. Modern Hebrew missioners (rabbinical class) are of the conviction that all Hebrew believers in Christ are Anti Hebrew apostates.

One of the modern well known Rabbi conclude the position of Christian Hebrews as thus, “they are victims of Christian love. They are Hebrews who sold their birthright for a bowl of Christian porridge. As Hebrews, they felt inferior to their Christian friends in predominant Christian environment. They were ashamed to be Hebrews, so they looked for identity and acceptance among the goyim. They are fully baptized Christians; only in name are they different. They love it when other Hebrew joins their ranks and so they spread their poison throughout the Hebrew community”.

Hebrew Christians were men of good heart who could have effectively joined Yahosheanism if it was not corrupted into Christianity. As they join Christianity, they are faced with great conscience pricking questions as regards to pagan infections and altitude of the faith.

Many of the Hebrews who were not ashamed of Gospel of the Church and of their Hebrew origin began to unite as a community and institute Hebrew Christian model of worship which will present their faith in terms of rich background of devotional and mystical Hebrew traditions.

This is a process of searching for true identity of Messianics who are trapped in Christendom. Many of them began to observe Sabbath rest, read torah with talid and kippah as part of their Hebrew worship. This group started formulating articles of faith for Hebrew Christian Churches, much of those documents were incorporated into the final version as the Proposed Article of faith for Hebrew Christian Churches.

This process is totally aimed at searching for Yahoshea Meshiyach and the seekers understood the importance of the intellectual appeal and of necessity of expressing Christianity in Hebrew terms.

They do such by the idea of establishing an independent communities and congregations of Hebrew believers.

The mystery of the fate that befall the ministry of Yahoshea Meshiyach was a forefold event. Before physical exit of Yahoshea   Meshiyach and his first-hand disciples, various prophecies were handed to the assembly with regards to corruption and deception that will unfold amongst the brethren.

Yahosheans were warned at various occasions to guide against the infiltration of errors from the law defying members who will act as oppressive wolves to mislead the brethren into perdition.

The mystery of iniquity as termed by early disciples of Yahoshea was already at work during their days and with their passage and passage of time also, the wolves reared their heads and choke the pure scriptural doctrines and instead clothed the ministry with Roman pagan soutane, titles and became overhauled with Greek philosophy.

As Yahoshea   Meshiyach had a preview of the events, he announced of the coming of the Comforter who is to restore all lost truths of the ministry. Practically, this is the only hope of survival of the religious community because if such officer of high spiritual strength does not emerge at the end of period to re-establish the ministry, it must be a lost mystery. During the middle ages, the entire structure and percepts of the assembly were gone and replaced with Roman heresies.

Many advancement were made by religious researchers to reactivate the pure doctrines but all failed woefully because they were not approved by Yahweh for such expedition.

For quest of separate identity for Messianic Hebrews from other religious communities, many Hebrew brethren rose at various ages to claim divinity and as messiahs.

In 17th century AD, there rose a man name Shahbattal Zvl who proclaimed himself a Meshiyach with a mandate to restore the true doctrine as put in place by Yahoshea   Meshiyach.

Many unsuspected Hebrews followed him in his year-round of fasts and mortifications. He had ardent followers as Solomon Ben Maier and Malemed Jacob who later realized that he was total religious fraud and such later conviction led them to fall back to Christianity.

Many religious alliances or bodies were formulated by Christian Hebrews to define their separation from Judaism and Christianity. Such bodies include the Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel   (HCTI) founded by David Baron in 1893, United Free Church of Scothland Jewish Committee, Hebrew Christian Church Commission in 1932 etc.

These religious bodies support Christian Hebrews to be conscious of the fact that they were Hebrews no matter their relationship with Roman Church.

To support their effort of self awareness, many scriptural translations were carried out by Christian Hebrews into Hebrew language to keep Hebrew’s root warm in the heart of every believer. For instance, Halff Charles produced New Testament scriptures with a


Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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