The Secret Path To Heaven

pathwayHeaven is a place everyone wishes to go but nobody would want to die going there. This is simply because the issue of death is yet to be de-mystified by religions and religionist who make death appear as the end result of life. But the spiritual student knows that a butterfly emerges from the husk of the caterpillar. Soul, a particle of God also emerges triumphant from the husk of the physical body. While some call death the end of a single lifetime, those who know call it a spiritual adventure.

So how can man access heaven? Is heaven accessible only after death of man? If man dies before going to heaven which body would man utilize in going to heaven? Some say the bones and the rotten body of man would come together on a final day and man would rise to heaven but is this possible? Which one would you choose, to go to heaven when you are dead or visit and confirm it when you are alive?

Anyone who says you have to die before going to heaven does not know the way. Period!

The test of anyone who claims to be a ‘man of God’ is to have the ability to take his congregation or followers to heaven while still living. He should teach others how to know God (not believe, belief is meant for the ignorant!) and to experience God. But how can a blind man lead another blind man? Together, they perish. It is just a matter of time.

Like I have written in this column so many times, the gimmick used on the public these days is prosperity and miracles. But those who propose prosperity will have to settle with the god of prosperity commonly referred to as the devil, the god of the material worlds. It is he that God Almighty has put in charge of anything material from the third heaven downwards. The mission of this negative god is to ensure that no untrained and unpurified Soul escape into the pure heavenly worlds of God. I other words you cannot access God while seeking prosperity.

Check your Holy Scripture, you will find where God says ‘test my son and you shall find that he is worthy’ Why would God send his sons to devil to test if he were not working for God? How come those who are ‘mashing the devil’ daily cannot put him out of business? When you pray for prosperity, the devil knows that you are greedy and therefore provides you with what you need and thus bind you to the material worlds and makes you reincarnate to come and reap what you have sown. Check my article on Karma, Past Lives and Reincarnation.        Prosperity and miracle seeking therefore are golden chains that bind you to the worlds of negativity and reincarnation.

This is the reason why it is said that a rich man getting to heaven is like an elephant passing through the eye of a needle. Have you asked yourself why prosperous ‘men of God’ hire security men to protect them nowadays in Nigeria and all over the world? So the security of God is no longer enough protection? Now you know where prosperity leads you.

How then can man get to heaven in this lifetime? Is it possible to access heaven and still be alive to tell the story? Can I access the heaven of God on my own?

Yes you can access the heaven of God with your own ‘korokoro eyes’   and live to tell the story. After all, in some religious scripture it is written ‘ I saw a man who was caught up in the third heaven…’. If a man saw another who was caught up in the third heaven that implies that he went to heaven and was alive to tell the story. This not withstanding, you can also visit the heavens of God while still alive.

Is heaven a place or a state of consciousness?

Yes heaven is a place but you need a certain state of consciousness to achieve it. In this lifetime you require three essential things to enable you visit the heavens of God: The word HU, the Sound of God and the Living Word, the Spiritual Traveller. Out of this three, the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach is the key. For he is the one appointed by God to lead all ready Souls back to heaven through ‘their own experiences’. In other words it is a ‘do it yourself program’ but the Spiritual Traveler’s only duty is to guide you through the process. But the initial decision to go back to God must come from the individual.

The HU is the only name God Almighty responds to. It is the name above any name. For it is the name God has given unto Itself. All other names you call God are the names HU-man beings and tribes gave to God. But God responds to the HU under ‘ any circumstances’. It brings the name of God to bear in any situation you may find yourself. If you have been praying to God without response, do not waste any more time. Sing HU and God must surely answer you but through your dreams as a beginner. For a spiritual adult, God can speak to you as you walk the streets of Port Harcourt, Oshodi or New York. But you must be trained to hear the voice of God in the cacophony of human traffic.

The HU is the cry of Soul. It is an invitation to God to come and take you back home. When you sing HU, you are inadvertently saying, ‘God my Father, I am ready to come back home’. This is the first step.

When you sing the HU with love for a considerable time with sincerity of purpose God responds by sending to you, the Spiritiual Coach, the Living Word. For he is the Word made flesh, that ‘dwelleth amongst men’. The Living Word is alive physically somewhere in the world today but he is the only Godman that you do not need an appointment to meet. He does not charge any money and there are no long queues. When you sing HU and truly desires God, he comes to you via the dream state with so much love you will know the difference. But remember, only the bold can find God while the meek and docile will inherit the earth.

The third is the Sound of God. After the individual has met the Living Word in the dream state, the next step is to make contact with the Voice of God, the Light and Sound. Most religions have the Light but they do not have the Sound. For the Light lights the way to God but the Sound teaches man the direction to follow in the secret worlds of God. If you close your eyes and block your ear with your two forefingers, you can hear the Sound of God reverberating within you like ocean waves. Without the Sound of God, no man can be alive. But how many of us recognize this Sound of God?

It is therefore the duty of the Living Word to Link up Soul to the Sound of God, the Audible Life Stream. This is the current that man must ride to get back home to God.. This is the reason why the Spiritual Coach, The Living Teacher, The Living Word is the key on your journey back home to God.

I could remember sitting in an auditorium in the University of Lagos attending an event in a crowded hall, when I felt the presence of my Spiritual Guide. I simply closed my eyes, sang HU, the Holy name of God briefly, closing my eyes and putting my attention on my Spiritual eyes in between my two eyebrows. (No prosperity ‘man of God’ can ever find it!). I found my Spiritual guide waiting for me and off we went in the Soul Body, to the Fifth Heaven of God to visit the ruler of this heaven. Yes, every heaven has a ruler who is a manifestation of God for that particular heaven. Singing the HU had given me access to pass through the first, second, third and fourth heavens. This is because this name of God, HU, is recognized by these agents of God.

The Light from this Ruler, a manifestation of God on this heaven, was so dazzling that it is brighter than a thousand suns put together. Within an earth world time of ten minutes, we had visited this heaven and I was back at the auditorium continuing with the present activity.

Another time, I was in the US and I was guided while walking, on the road to a restaurant where I could spend 9 US Dollars on a buffet worth more than 20Dollars. I was guided by the blue light of God that appeared before me as I walked. I could hear the Sound and of course, I could see the light. But it guided me to this posh restaurant that has now become a beehive for most visiting Nigerians.

These are the benefits of knowing and walking with God.



By Tuborki Dauyemie

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