Is Christianity Superior To African Religion?

Can a religion with such mild temprement be inferior to Christianity that has voluminous cases of blood-sucking of its members and other larger societies.

When there are many men without honour, there are always others who bear in themselves the honour of many men. Those are the men who rebel with great force against those who steal the peoples freedom and dignity. Dnammapada, an oriental guru ones put it this way, “let each man make of himself that which he instruct, others to be”.

Man’s spiritual honour and dignity has been floored by the activities of major but pagan religions who parades themselves as assemblages of light. All spiritual or basic research conducted to prove the authenticity of Christianity as a religion actually founded by Yahoshea Meshiyach and his disciples have came out with negative results.

Rather Christianity is discovered to be a state religion arranged by Roman empire on the foundation of sungod practices that emerged from Ham and his descendants. Our caption remains as, “Is Christianity Superior To African Religions”. It is certain that Christianity and African traditional religions are from the same source or origin. The two religions can be likened to two rogues contesting over another persons legitimate property.

The universal faith was founded by Ham (black) and his children in what is known as Babylonism. Many other nations took over from Babylon through political conquests but the universal faith remain deathless rather it is modified by the ruling nations of any era.

For instance, during the reign of Egypt, the universal faith was modified in an Egyptian way. Equally when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, it carried over all Egyptian achieves and heritance to Greekland. The Greek modified the universal faith to its taste. Likewise when Rome came up as the world power, it rearranged the universal faith in its own way. Presently, Britain and American are dominating the globe, the universal faith which the Romans turn to Catholic Church has been turned into Protestant and Pentecostal churches respectively.

But the sacred truth is that even after modifications by world ranging powers, the doctrinal pillars of the universal faith remains untouched.

For instance, doctrines as Sunday rest, Trinity, cross, Easter, Christmas, belief of existence of Satan, the belief of existence of heaven and hellfire, Armageddon etc remains central faith of the universal faith right from Babylon days till date.

For basic support, Let us reference Alexander Hislup, the author of the book “The Two Babylons” who made the following remark, “The worship of the goddess mother/queen with a child in her arms continued to be observed in Egypt till Christianity entered. If the Gospel had come in power among the mass of the people, the worship of the goddess queen would have been overthrown. With the generality it came only in name. instead, therefore of the Babylonian goddess being cast out in too many cases, her name only was changed. She was changed to Virgin Mary and with her child was worshipped with the same idolatrous feeling by professing Christians as formally by apex pagans”.

For clarity, the mother goddess was known as Samiramis in Babylonism, Isis in Egyptosim, Maddona in Greek mystery and later turned to Virgin Mary amongst Roman Catholics. This goddess occupy the position of third personage in the holy trinity of all the mentioned nations and their mysteries.

The mother goddess is worshiped as a partaker of Godhead in almost all African traditional religions with one form of name or the other.

It is settled that true religion from its origin centres on proclamation and adoration of holy name Yahweh on the holy day Sabbath but Christianity and African traditional religions do not observe such holy laws. Rather both sects chooses for themselves names to be worshipped and days of their choice to be reckoned with.

The two sects co-uses same names for the grand creator because even when Christianity alleged that the name of the creator is Jehovah, it still allows any believer to address him in their locally invented names. Likewise, Christianity respects Sunday rest, the resting days of African traditional religions varies according to communities.

Again, various religious research have proven that Christianity venerates Cross while African traditional religion venerates sculptors or carved images. Cross in true perception is a carved image and cannot be concluded to be superior than those of African natives.

All these are pagan attitude because Chosen people are seriously forbidden to worship with such things. The Christian form of sculptors includes the images of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and other acclaimed saints. The scuptors of the gods of the ancient Babylonians, Egypt, Greeks and Roman are presently found in Vatican Museum with the exception of great statue of Jupiter which has been modified, rectified and seated on a throne in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome as St. Peter. Thousands of pilgrims kiss the foot of Jupiter while thinking it as the statue of Peter.

This is the same manner the African traditional religions treat their sculptors or images. Many scholars are in total agreement that Christianity of Rome falls into same religious kindered with Babylon and Egypt.

For instance, a scholar Odumegwu Onwumere ones put it this way, “the entire Christian Bible is structured after ancient Egyptian mythologies of the pharaohic sun worshippers. The entire scripture is stolen from Africa”. He continued, “Africans are like the eagle that was trained among the chickens that refused to fly”.

Prophet Yahmarabhi totally agree with him when he made this remark, “African traditional religion is the incubational spot of Christianity and therefore cannot be inferior in any form. Its conquest by Christianity started by the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great of Greek supported by scientific powers applied by the colonial masters on the course of their exploration exercise in African land. A gun in the hand of a colonial master helped to compel the African natives to believe the Bible in his left hand. Scientific atrocities and technological inhumanity were major weapons towards the victory of Christianity in African land”.

Truly Christianity and Muslimism rode on the back of colonialism to clear up the vestage of African religions.

The British Protestantism and American Penticostalism may claim to be free from the worship of Virgin Mary or images of saints, but they are totally lying. The personage of Virgin Mary in the entire Christianity occupies the third person of the trinity doctrine. The Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox represent her as Virgin Mary while Protestants worship her as Holy Ghost with representative of dove and a tongue of fire.


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