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Obasanjo And Survival of Nigeria’s Democracy

obasanjoWhenever, military officers intervene in politics or democratic government, the first thing they do is to suspend the constitution of that country. In Nigeria military had disrupted severally our democratic governance. Military is an enemy of political institution. Why?

When military comes into power, it dismantles all political structures such as the legislative organs and the political parties.

Two basic institutions that are visible in any given democratic government are legislative organ and political parties. Thus political parties are strong advocates of democracy, therefore parties policies needed to be respected in continuous existence of democracy.

Hence, the importance of political parties in sustenance of democracy cannot be over emphasized.

Military administration has become aberration world over. Because it has nothing to offer in the socio-political development of any nation.

Last week there was a melodrama as ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo ordered that his PDP membership card should be torn publicly.

No matter his face-off with President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Obasanjo did not know the implication of what he did by tearing his PDP membership card publicly. As an elderstatesman he claims, Obasanjo is the most beneficiary of the current democratic dispensation.

Like the Biblical Joseph, Obasanjo came out of the prison and emerged as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. What a wonderful opportunity!

Countries all over the globe are searching for men of conscience and reliability. I know that Obasanjo did not understand the implication of what he has done, by destroying a membership card belonging to a registered political party.

His action portrays any possible attempt to frustrate the sustainability of Nigeria’s democracy. Obasanjo should beg Nigerians for forgiveness for his clandestine moves to destroy our democracy. If any evil thing happens to Nigeria, especially at this time of our political development, posterity will never forgive Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. ###


Damiete West



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