The Godman and ‘Men of God’

In the world today, so many individuals lay claim to being the voice of God. These claims have led so many gullible individuals to the doorsteps of those who make these claims commonly referred to as ‘men of God’. Thus we have so many of these individuals dotting so many parts of Nigeria with their influence ranging across the world. This influence is an indication that the world thirsts today for a direct connection with their Creator, the Almighty God.

Knowing that there exists a big market and demand for this aspect of religion commonly known as ‘divination’ or ‘visions seeking’, some fraudulent individuals have now joined in the fray to defraud gullible individuals of millions of Naira. This demand for visions and divination is also an indication that man has lost touch with his Creator and so demands answers from God through third parties. As long as any individual goes to another individual be it a pastor, priest, herbalist, prophet or otherwise, it is an indication of the fact that the individual does not have the ability to make direct contact with God Almighty. For if an individual can contact God, why would he or she need prophets or ‘men of God’?

Since man was created and sent down to earth, which is actually a training center (some think it as an enjoyment and merriment center!) God has never left man alone. God has always been with man in the form of the Spiritual Traveler, the Spiritual Coach. This line of Spiritual Travelers are special agents of God that have been sent from the pure heavens of God to act as Spiritual Guardians for all races in the lower heavens of God where these training centers are located. These Spiritual travelers belong to no religion. Their job is simply to train man spiritually and lead man back home to God. At the head of the Spiritual Travelers is the Living Godman. The purpose of the training is for man to learn about the act of giving and receiving love and eventually graduate to become a co-worker with God. This is achieved through our interactions with our fellow Souls and guided and moderated through established and immutable spiritual laws among which is the law of karma and reincarnation.

During the Golden Age, man had the ability to communicate with God directly through dreams and out-of-body experiences including direct perception. But as man evolved and also became engrossed in social interactions, these abilities became diminished and on to this day, man has gotten to that point when he has lost the natural ability to communicate with God through his dreams. Look around you and observe, how many religions of today talk about dreams? They do not because they do not know what dreams are all about. They cannot fathom the meaning and understanding of dreams. For if man understands his dreams for about 10%, he would be able t sort out all his daily problems. It is because man lacks this ability that he has become an empty shell that has nothing spiritual to offer except quoting from ‘Holy Books’ that contain other peoples experience with God and the Holy Spirit. Ask yourself: ‘if God spoke to people of old, has God stopped talking? ‘Why do people of today keep referring to how God spoke to ancient people?’ Have we lost our ability to experience God directly?

Yes indeed. Many have lost this ability to find God within themselves and that is why people travel far and wide in search of God that resides within themselves, in their hearts. This is the paradox of consciousness. Man is looking for God that is within himself and can never find it without.

This is the reason that God has always manifested Itself as the Spiritual Traveler who is present in every training center wearing so many Spiritual bodies, making himself available to those who want to understand the Almighty God within themselves, complete their spiritual education and start their return journey back to the heavens of God. Those who refuse to find their way back home to heaven will suffer death and re-birth, constant reincarnation, karma and continue to return to this ‘spiritual prison’ known as earth until they learn the purpose for which God has sent them down here. Some of us have been here several lifetimes, some as long as 35 million times.

So when ‘men of God’ come and whisper to you that you have a Soul then you can ask that ‘if you have a Soul then who are you?’ For you are Soul and you have a body that is born and dies repeatedly called ‘John, ‘Hannah’ and so on and forth. Soul does not die. It lives forever because God lives forever. But the body dies and is born again to die. Soul is eternal and indestructible.

The ‘man of God’ is that individual who believes in God but does not know God. His authority is vested in ‘Holy Books’ written by men thousands of years ago containing the experiences of other great men like St Paul who had the experience of God. He does not know God because he lacks any personal experience of God, so he continues to quote from ‘Holy Books’. Any individual who quotes from any ‘Holy Book’ does not know God and should stop deceiving other children of God. If they do not stop this deception, they shall suffer the consequences of their deception in the hands of the Lords of Karma, those who record every act of man and trains man until he becomes pure.

So the ‘men of God’ have great followership today because man is only interested in prosperity that can only lead man to more lifetimes of karma and reincarnation, more pain and suffering. This is the case of the blind leading the blind and both will arrive at a dead end. Prosperity and material things are composed of energy and the law of physics says energy can never be destroyed but can be transformed from one state to another. Material things are taken on loan from the negative God known as ‘Kal’ or what you call ‘devil’. He is the custodian of material things. Check any of your scriptures and see what he uses to tempt any holy man, is it not material things?

For as long as man desires material things, he shall continue to reincarnate to come and pay for what he has collected as loan from this minor God who actually has the responsibility to stop individuals who love money and prosperity from entering into the pure spiritual heavens of God. No impurity is allowed to enter. He therefore acts as the gateman to the kingdom of God. He uses prosperity and material energy to trap man perpetually in the lower worlds including earth. Have you ever wondered why ‘Devil’ has not been put out of business by all the prayers of a million ‘holy men’ put together?

So ask your self, what has the ‘men of God’ to offer you? Nothing but prosperity. After prosperity, what else? Does prosperity bring happiness? Can prosperity lead you to the kingdom of heaven in this lifetime? Only the experience and knowledge of God can bring happiness and lead you to the kingdom of heaven.

How can man then know God and experience God?

To know and experience God, man must take the decision to search for the living Godman, the Spiritual Coach, the Spiritual Traveler. He is resident in every Spiritual Training Center and is ready to train any individual who wishes to know himself as Soul, experience and know God and have direct contact with God. While ‘men of God’ will request for appointment for you to see them, the Living Godman has the ability to appear to millions on earth and in the different Heavens of God at the same time. In other words, the Godman may be limited physically in the Human body but unlimited spiritually hence his ability to appear to you when you decide to know who you are.

Any individual who makes this decision to know God better can begin this process by the easy way technique. This is done by singing the HU, the Holy and Secret name given by God for God and to man to contact God directly without any intermediaries.

To sing the HU, simply find a quiet place in your house, sit in the tailor fashion, with both legs together, close your eyes and fix your attention in between the two eye brows, breathe in and out for about three times and on the outward breath, sing HU, like ‘huuuuueueu!’ in a long drawn out tone. Repeat this process for about ten to twenty minutes, keeping the attention focused on the spiritual eye, the gateway to heaven. When you do this spiritual exercise for about one to seven days, God will send to you the Spiritual traveler in your dreams and show you the heavens of God while you are still alive. You do not have to die before you gain access to the kingdom of heaven. Your experience will then becomes your authority.

By Tuborki Dauyemie


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