Creativity Keeps Hayatou On In CAF

The president of CAF Issa Hayatou feels he is still strong enough to run the continent football governing body, even when his age has counted with the age limit stipulated by CAF.

Though, CAF has said that those of 70 years of age too could contest or run for the president seat of CAF. The young generation will have to do something to checkmate the older generation if they want to take the mantle of leadership of CAF.

This is where Issa Hayatou has it all as his creativity keeps him going on in running CAF for 28 years. And still want to occupy the seat for the 29th times.

Our quest to ascertain the legality and the moral justification for Issa Hayaton to still run for the office of the president of the African Association of Football in Africa, the Newswriter sports desk seek the opinion of one which opinion is held in high esteem in public foray, Barr. Karibi George, whether Hayatou still vying for the office of the CAF president office is right and moral? He responded by saying, creativity is the magic that have kept him there and still give him the gut to want to run the office of the president of African Association Football (CAF).

According to him, the younger one or candidates if they want to unseat Issa Hayaton must form an alliance so as to unseat him. But for them to succeed in unseating Issa Hayaton they must bring to bear a different level of creativity.

More than what Issa Hayaton has brought to bear in CAF, in all his 28 years of reign. But if they lack the political intricacy in unseating him, Issa Hayaton will still go on to be president of CAF. Therefore, the will power to muscle power into their reckoning must be for them to have that political intricacy and creativity to match hence they can’t unseat Issa Hayaton that is, because they do not have that political intricacy alliance and creativity.   ###

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