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Sharks, Dolphins, Who Escape Relegation?

The Nigeria Professional Football league is coasting to its end soonest, here in Port Harcourt, the two teams representing Rivers State, Sharks and Dolphins are in dare dilemma of their fate, if the 2014/2015 league ends today.

The two teams have not been impressive this season, this had caused much worry for fans and stakeholders of the clubs alike. While Sharks games at home are always tension soaked, Dolphins better their lots by changing their record over night courtesy of their new signings.

Sharks have always been so generous in sharing points at home, in other words, the Port Harcourt side has become donator to any club that plays her at Port Harcourt, Sharks Stadium.

This generosity has not been going down well with Sharks supporters and fans. As it has always put any Referees officiating Sharks match at Sharks Stadium.

Sharks, Dolphins, who really will escape relegation this season, based on their performance? While Dolphins is making progress in getting out of relegation waters, Sharks seemed to be dragging her feet out of relegation zone. No thanks to the result it keeps producing each match at home.

Sharks players upfront do not know how to initiate shot or strike outside the 18metre yard box.

The attackers are not sharp and calculative at their opponents’ goal post. Serious negative factors going against Sharks are wrong timing, positioning and poor football follow up at the attack, even when playing with home support at home. A team like the aforementioned characteristics cannot expect to measure up with other clubsides campaigning in the same league, because, football is a game of chance, as only the team that takes it chances, go home with result which is very much lacking in Sharks attack line up. Dolphins looks better with each match at home, who knows Dolphins may escape relegation. ###






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