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Editorial: Curbing the spread of HIV/Aids IN Rivers

The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, AIDs is dreaded killer diseased, according to information made available revealed that over 100,000 people are living with HIV in Rivers.
Due to the destructive nature of the disease, 1st December of every year is kept aside as World AIDS day. The essence of it is to carrying out enlightenment programme on the causes of the killer disease and how to prevent it.
In a much so some many things are responsible for the cause of HIV/AIDs, one major thing is prostitution and unprotected sexual intercourse.
No doubt, there are lot of people. Who are carriers of HIV/AIDS, due to their careless living.
We commend the Rivers state government for its sensitization programme on HIV/AIDs, especially at this time when the disease is very common.
As the world celebrates this year’s AIDS day, it is our kindly advise that individuals especially pregnant women should cultivate the habit of knowing their status.
It is also our demand that Rivers State House of Assembly should enact a law against stigmatization of HIV/AIDS patients in order to avoid people living with the deadly scourge to withdraw from the society. ###

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