Making God a Reality: Understanding Who You Are

Understanding who we are is the secret man needs to unravel during his journey into the lower worlds of God. The mystery of who man is actually, is directly proportional to man’s understanding of who God is. For if man cannot understand or fathom his spiritual composition, the mystery of life will trail him into his grave and back into another life. For the singular reason for man to be in this privileged spiritual university called earth is for man to learn who he is, discover God and learn to develop a one on one relationship with God. Any individual who decides to go back to God through any other means will continue to meet with grief and unbelievable suffering.
The reality of God is a mystery to most of us. This is why people hold different beliefs about God and this has led to numerous conflicts between both the Aryan sets of beliefs and the Semitic. Not until every individual discovers that he or she cannot understand God outside himself before the reality of God can dawn on any individual. This is because for man to understand God, he must first understand who he is.
Who is man?
Man is but a small God clothed in rags, called the HU-man body. Just as the onion seed is clothed by many layers, so also the spiritual body of man is clothed in many bodies, which, cannot be seen through the HU-man eyes. As I have written so many times in this column, the HU-man body is but a spiritual uniform man uses in this physical world because of the vibratory state. When man drops the physical body at night in what is known as sleep, he slips out of the physical body and continues life in another body that most people see and refer to as ghost or dream body. This layer of body is finer spiritually but corresponds to the first heaven of God. This is why when most of us are asleep and in a dream, we see our late loved ones appearing younger in this body known as the astral body. This is why we say that when people drop the HU-man body permanently in what is known as death, they simply wake up in another body and continue life. Those of us belonging to many religions on earth today do not simply know where they are going after death because their religion has not taught them where to go. So they erroneously believe that when they die they go to heaven. This is a complete fallacy!
No one goes anywhere under any commission. Everyone is judged not according to religion but according to deeds while living in this world. Everyone carries an instrument called conscience which records all our thoughts, words and actions including our feelings such that when we arrive at where we would be judged, it is read and scanned like a newspaper and the individual cannot argue with the judges who spend minutes in dispensing justice. The individual is sent to a place to ‘cool down’ or rest and later reincarnates back on earth to come and face those situations, which he could not overcome.
This reminded me of when the Spiritual Coach, my Spiritual Guide invited me to attend a session in the Court of Maya, the court of the dead. My dear mother had just translated (died) and was about to be judged. I remember visiting her at the hospital where I whispered a code into her ears and reminding her that she should mention this on her way back to heaven. I asked her to repeat this seven times so as to imprint this on her consciousness. She repeated the code as told and later after I had left the teaching hospital, she dropped her wasted HU-man shell called the HU-man body in a process known as death.
Three days later she appeared in my house to announce her passage into the great beyond. So my spiritual Guide and I attended the court where she had to be judged before proceeding to where she has earned as the elder of her church. Suffice it to mention that in the lower worlds there are four heavens ruled by different deities who report directly to God under the supervision of the Spiritual Traveler, the Spiritual Coach who happens to be my Spiritual Guide. These different deities do not belong to any religion in the heavens of God but their ignorant and selfish followers belong to different religions, they quarrel and some even kill in the name of religion. But these actions are well taken care of under the laws of Karma and Reincarnation.
The Universal Mind Power otherwise commonly referred to as ‘devil’ is in charge of the first to the fourth heavens. It is his duty to administer all creatures and their bodies and ensure that they learn their catechisms while in training in the lower heavens but this minor god does not have power over Soul. But he is the god of material things and prosperity. Every kobo we make during our sojourn here on earth must be returned back to him. This is why he has always tested all saviors with material temptations. Check your own religion for evidence.
From the fifth heaven and above to the twelfth heaven, we find the pure spiritual heavens which are inaccessible to the ordinary man except those who have realized themselves as Soul. For one to access this heaven one requires a way-shower or a spiritual traveler or a Spiritual Guide. These Spiritual Guides have been directed by God and the Spiritual Hierarchy to lead all Souls in form who are interested in finding their way back home to God. At the head of this Spiritual Hierarchy, we find the Spiritual Coach, the Living Godman. His job is to show you and I the way back home to God and the heavens of God under your korokoro eyes. Anyone that tells you that you need to die before going to heaven does not know the way to heaven
To be continued.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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