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ISSUES ABATTOIR: Re-run Polls: INEC, Observers Exonerate Gov. Wike, PDP

Nyesom-WikePrior to the March 19th re-run elections in Rivers, there had been tension in the state arising from the war of words especially as been misconstructed by some.
The governor of the state occasioned on intelligence report had offered to assist the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC conduct free, peaceful, credible and fair election in the state but warned against any act of rigging or planned rigging of the electoral exercise.
Governor Wike, had stated that electorates in the state would resist any such attempt to rig election by any means either by Federal or Military might.
The governor who is the leader of the PDP in the state raised the alarm based on reports gathered on the planned disruption of the exercise by the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi.
Governor Wike had said contrary to conducting free, fair credible and peaceful election, if any INEC official should come to the state with intention to rig the election, such fellow should write his/her “will” before coming to the state because the electorates would resist any of such attempt irrespective of status.
When the governor was insisting on writing will and concluded plans by Rotimi Amaechi and his APC, some people could not believe the governor.
The unbelief rages on even when he (Gov Wike) told Rivers people of the Amaechi’s plan rigging to install 22 Assembly members in order to impeach him, what a state with high concentrated unbelief?
As God Almighty would have it, Amaechi came to Rivers State and during a phone in life programme on radio, boasted how he had deployed soldiers and police to rig election in Rivers. At this point the unbelief of some become anger and decision to work for the restoration of peace in the state.
Recalled, that Governor Wike has consistently echoed that no unpopular person or party could rig elections in an obvious circumstance where a popular and dominated party exists.
The case of Rivers is crystal that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is fully and readily on ground even when the Minister of Transport, Amaechi was the governor of the state. Reason for the then Governor Amaechi’s break up from the PDP to bring the APC was not far from personal greed, interest and secret ambition which plunged him into disrespecting the party and her leadership under President Goodluck Jonathan, Ph.d.
While the incumbent Minister of Transport was on the exalted seat as governor of Rivers, the PDP won the election in Rivers. And Amaechi not satisfied with outcome of the 2015 elections spearheaded several litigations against the PDP and her elected representatives.
As the matter were in courts either at the trial tribunals and subsequent appeals, Amaechi and his APC, O yes members had openly demonstrated how they would influenced the courts against the PDP.
Frankly, their wishes were granted by the trial tribunals and some sections of the appeal courts which upturned the legitimate elections into what they wanted by ordering for a re-run.
The courts were induced using the name of President Muhammadu Buhari and money bags. But unfortunately, the president could not rose to defend his integrity if he has any, so Amaechi and his cohorts were licensed to play over the president’s intelligence.
Ofcourse the president was ignorant of Rivers politics therefore believing the many lies of Rt. Hon. Amaechi, probably as a donour of the highest monetary value to fund his presidential campaign, and as a sitting governor, he would have been able to deliver the state for APC, a big disappointment, sorry.
April 11th 2015 had come and gone but Amaechi was disgraced, tribunal and appeal courts made him boast more but the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court on Wednesday January 27th 2016having critically looked into the Rivers State election affirmed governor Nyesom Wike election and faith in the judiciary by pronouncing him authentic elected governor of the state. Hurray!!!
On hearing the judgment of the Supreme Court, Amaechi vulgarism and madness of words was on the increase to the point of exposing all APC plans which ordinary would not work in Rivers to even the deaf ears.
The March 19th re-run elections had come and gone and the madness of the former governor was exposed as not only unpopular in the state, a tyrant but a failure without measure.
To justify his emptiness, he and his cream of soldiers broke into Mile 1 Police Station to allegedly rescue one of the a INEC staff they (APC) heavily paid to rig the election. The drama as played speaks for itself.
Furthermore, the journey of his cronies led by Dakuku Perterside to Ikwerre LGA to snatch electoral materials and results was another issue to explain the many antics of a political party that is only on nominal role but not rooted, not popular and without base in Rivers.
Reports of both the international observers and the INEC were explicit judgment to high light the events in Rivers State in the last couple of days.
Observers reports indicted APC gubernatorial candidate in the April 11, 2015 general elections Dakuku Peterside over the shooting, death of Aide to Chief of Staff Government House, Chief Emeka Nwoke.
INEC report similarly indicted the APC of non-preparedness for the polls, not popular in the state rather seeking for a shift in poll to allow for funds meant for Ogoni’s clean up enter to enhance them opportunity of gaining some electorates through the fund meant for environmental clean up.
Summarily, the pockets of violence experienced in parts of Rivers State was orchestrated by the APC and Amaechi and soldiers who were brought in to thumb print for the APC.
Truth is likened to a floating object, it will float someday.
By this development in Rivers, it is high time the APC and its leaders allow peace to reign for even development of the state.
Issues Abbattoir also in the spirit of sportsmanship calls on the PDP and the state governor who had always show leadership skills to further extend the olive branch to the losers, those who yields should be accepted as others may wait until 2023 if at all there may be vacancy in Rivers for any party.
The dyes was cast in Rivers State and the result boldly written and reported as the INEC and observers report exonerated governor Wike.
The opponents came but failed again with their antics now how far?
Greed, heresy and animosity should be done away with; a leader is a leader and nothing stops him except God.
Globally, it is now clear that the assertion that Rivers State is PDP is not a mere bragging but a saying in reality and with all seriousness and sincerity.
At this juncture, Issues Abattoir again calls on the INEC to without further delay release all the results of the March 19th re-run polls in Rivers and schedule a new date for areas not conducted which its reports had exonerated the PDP, as there is, no justifiable reason for INEC continuous delaying the results of concluded elections in Rivers. ###

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