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Understanding The Spiritual Purpose Of Your Problem

Soul in Human form known as man will continue to have problems while living in the physical worlds This is in line with the spiritual purpose of life, which is to learn how to give and receive love and eventually for man to graduate and become a distributor of the divine love of God. Then man becomes what is known as a co-worker with God Almighty. Just as we send a child to school and to university to learn, who then becomes a graduate in a particular field, Soul also is sent into the Lower Heaven Academy as a spiritual student to learn and graduate on love and to return to the higher heavens to serve as co-workers with God, our Father and Creator. Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten why we came to this University of Life and gotten carried away with the illusions of prosperity and dogmatic religions. This has led to people misunderstanding their spiritual purpose in life and also misunderstanding the spiritual purpose of their problems.

Every problem or encounter without exception is to lead man back home to God Almighty.

But how many of us understand the truth in this statement? When we have problems we continue to pray and bind these problems because of our ignorance and limited spiritual understanding. We then miss the spiritual lessons behind the problems and also the spiritual benefits.

Some of us out of spiritual naivety keep asking God why they have been created to come to suffer in this world. If only they can see Souls who are waiting in line to be born and admitted into this University of Life, they would kneel down in humility and thank God for the Spiritual opportunity to reincarnate and experience life in the HU-man body which is actually the spiritual uniform in this training center.

Just as we have about three hundred thousand students writing JAMB to be admitted into Nigerian Universities for various courses, so also are Souls being admitted into this University to come and learn the different aspects of love. A child is born and after a while he is admitted into kindergarten, later into primary school and secondary. When he begins his learning, he would leave his parents and go to school just as we leave God and we come to school on Earth We need a uniform while attending school so that we can be protected and well kitted for school environment. So also as Soul, we wear the HU-man body to protect ourselves in the school environment. Just as the school uniforms look alike, so also the HU-man bodies also look alike except that some are male while others are female. But Soul has no gender except while at school. Just as we go to school and we are given assignments and sometimes tested during examination, so also man is given problems to test if he would understand the lessons be hind those problems. Just as the student spends about 8 hours at school, and goes back home to his parents who expect the student to have learnt something, Soul also spends about seventy to eighty years at school (Earth) and returns home where he is judged or examined to know if he has learnt anything. Just as a student repeats a class when he has not learnt his lessons, soul also returns back to Earth, school to learn about the divine love of God. This process of going and returning to school is known as reincarnation. Whatever the students earn at school from their thoughts, words and actions is what they will reap in their result sheet. This will determine if they will repeat the same class or they will go to the next. Oftentimes we repeat these classes because we misunderstand our problems. This reaping what we have sown is known as Karma. This is the result sheet a child takes home to the parents to take a decision whether a child has learnt the lessons required or should repeat the class. This is why Karma and reincarnation is so critical in the spiritual life of the individual.

Some of us do not believe in many lifetimes. But this is part of the training. For an individual to have the understanding and perception that we do not live life once is an indication of spiritual maturity. Those who do not believe nor agree would be judged at the Court of Yama, the Judge of the Dead. This misunderstanding has led man to various places of worship where man goes to unravel the reasons behind his problems. Since he does not have spiritual awareness of his problems, he will keep jumping from one religious house to the other, from one prophetess to another, thinking they can solve his numerous problems. But of course, not until man has the understanding that ALL his problems were caused by him and him alone can he begin to have the spiritual understanding that would help turn his problems into spiritual stepping stones. This is why all adepts tell man: ‘man know thyself!”

For within man is the solution to all his problems. He needs to unravel the mysteries which rule his life. Only the Living Godman can help man unravel this spiritual history. Others would only guess on the superficial side of life and the individual continues to remain a victim of spiritual ignorance. Recently, a young man requested a rare meeting with me. This I hardly agreed to. But he showed enough interest in his love for God, so I had to break a rule to meet with this young man. At the fastfood restaurant, where we met, he refused all the offerings of food , water, drinks etc. He wanted information about his spiritual problems. As a welder, he wanted to know why he would have jobs from three different individuals, who would give him advance for a job and later they would refuse to pay him his balance. These individuals are the type he could not deal with in any other way to retrieve his balance. He was very frustrated. He wanted to know why since he concluded his own aspect of the contract while they failed to fulfill their own aspect of the bargain. He believed there was a spiritual angle to it. He wanted answers.

Like the young man described, most of us have repeated problems without having the understanding that these problems actually reoccur in our lives for our spiritual benefits. We have failed to understand a spiritual principle and as such, the problems keep re-occurring. Some of us do not have the perception that there is a trend to our problems. We just jump from one problem to another without the benefits of the spiritual opportunities attached to such problems. And as such, we miss out the interpretation of the meaning of these problems. We fail to recognize the stepping stones when the opportunities come.

I asked the young man to do a simple spiritual exercise to be able to recall his past lives and know the spiritual history of his problems with these individuals to know if he should forget what they owe or pursue the matter another way. I made him understand that the solutions to his problems lay on his very hands. I could only give him the key to find the Living Godman who can guide him towards resolving his relationships with these individuals.

Such is life. If a man does not know what he does not know it becomes a double jeopardy. Problems are spiritual gifts from God. A man is not given problems that he cannot solve. Sometimes, we fail to listen. At other times we fail to obey the instruction of the Holy Spirit. At other times we fail to record and understand our dreams for instructions from God. But when we now encounter difficult situations, we look for who to blame. One of the things we can do to turn our problems into stepping stones is for us to learn how we can understand who we truly are. Once we understand the spiritual purpose of life, all our problems would show their expiry dates and we shall continue on our journey back home to God.



By Tuborki Dauyemie

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