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Coming To America Again! (3)- The Journey Back Home

After the talk, I retreated slowly back to the Hilton like other devotees who had travelled thousands of miles to gather at the feet of the Spiritual Coach, the Living Godman. All the hassles of travelling from Nigeria were forgotten in the one hour spent at the feet of the Living Godman. It was worth much more than all the hassles. Still basking in the love of God from the Living Godman, I journeyed into the heavens of God easily that night since I was still riding on the waves of Divine Love.

Love is the required ingredient that any individual needs to qualify to meet with the Living Word and begin the journey back home to God Almighty. For God is Love and Soul is also created out of the Divine Love of God. Love is therefore key to beginning the journey back home to God. It is love that makes the individual resolve his or her karma. It is this same love that makes the individual qualify to meet the Living Word. It is this same Love that the individual would need to ride the Sound Waves, the Spiritual Current back home to God through the Spiritual Eye. This is why Love is so key in all the works of God and Spirituality.

It was time for me to begin my journey back home to Nigeria. In the first phase, I needed to check out of the Hilton Hotel to a suburb of Chanhassen away from the hustle and bustle of Minneapolis City. I checked into a smaller hotel there and cast my mind back to Nigeria and all the events there but home was still home. It was time for me to start going back.

Just as Soul, you and me, have descended from the Heavens of God to come and learn the skill of giving and receiving the Divine Love of God, so also I traveled to America to see and experience the other side of life. While in America, I had to prepare to wear the right clothing to enable me live and walk around the cold and coarse environment. I had bought thermal wears and winter clothes to enable me withstand the winter cold that made temperature appear below 0 Degrees centigrade at times. This is the same way Soul wears a HU-man body when coming to Earth School to come and learn the skills of appropriating the Divine Love of God. In the pure heavens, Soul uses the Soul Body to experience life. But when Soul descends into the lower worlds, It must wear a uniform that would protect it from the coarse vibrations of the Earth Plane while undergoing Its spiritual education in the lower worlds. The Soul body is a fine structure made of the pure Light of God and vibrates producing the Audible Sound Current of God. When we say man is created in the image and likeness of God, It is the Soul body and not the HU-man body that is created in the image of God. The HU-man body is a shell that dies, dissolves and returns to Earth Soil through decomposition and degeneration. So the HU-man body is just a clothing that Soul uses to survive in this spiritual school called Earth.

My flight was scheduled for 11 am in the morning. My Spiritual Guide made His presence known in the usual way and advised that I go to the airport early. My flight was to Atlanta Hartfield Jackson International Airport, where I was scheduled to stay a night before securing a connecting flight to Port Harcourt through Charles de-Gaul International in France. I went through security after collecting my boarding pass. It took more than two hours to arrive at Atlanta, a city where I know nobody but a friend who was to meet me at the airport. But since My Spiritual Guide is a citizen of both the physical and Spiritual Worlds, I know I would be in good hands.

I went through so many terminals before finally arriving at baggage claim. Everything at the airport worked like a clock. I checked the monitors and was directed to the ever spinning baggage roller. No hassles, my bags were there waiting for me. It was a different world compared to the anxiety and rush back home.

This is the way it is for those who have not been to heaven before. They believe in the heaven described by their pastors as a place of merriment and peace where they would sit by the right side of God and enjoy forever. But when you say come and die and go to this heaven, they ‘my time never reach!’ In other words, man knows intrinsically that the heavens being described are not real as it has been portrayed. When man is told that he cannot access the heavens of God, it is simply because his pastors have not visited heaven while being alive. So the individual is told ‘Don’t worry, when you die, you will go to heaven’. The question the individual should ask is if heaven were so sweet why are people not in a hurry to go there through death? Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die. But when you say people can actually go to heaven without dying they become afraid. It makes one wonder what people really want from God.

But any individual who wishes to go to heaven while still alive would find that in the heavens of God, there are so many mansions which demarcate the different heavens which are states of consciousness. In other words, you can only understand the heavens as accepted by your state of awareness. The heavens of God can definitely be experienced before man drops the physical body. What man needs is, the Spiritual Guide, the Wayshower, the Sound Current, the audible life stream and a loving heart. With singing the HU, the individual can make contact with the Wayshower. This is in accordance with the spiritual law that states that a disciple in the HU-man body must have a Master or Teacher in the HU-man body who shall guide him physically and spiritually. Every individual has a choice either to remain docile and ignorant or to be spiritually adventurous.

I arrived at Atlanta and tried to place a call to a friend who knew I was coming. I could not get through. But my Spiritual Guide informed me that they were already on their way to pick me at the airport. This is like visiting the heavens of God. Some of us visit the first heaven of God in the dream state but unconsciously and when they wake up from sleep they conclude that they have just had a dream. Some even pray against such dreams and ignorantly ‘bind them’ as experiences from the devil. But unknown to them, they had strayed unconsciously into the first heaven commonly called Astral Plane without a guide.

How could I go anywhere in Atlanta without a guide? I simply waited till my friend came as promised by my Spiritual Guide, and took me home to where I spent the night in Atlanta. If you wish to visit the heavens of God, you need a Living Wayshower, a Spiritual Guide. God has provided so many of them to guide you and I back home to God. These guides do not belong to any particular religion, race or creed. Their only interest is to find those who are interested in going back home to God and are courageous enough to begin their journey. Some are afraid and as such they claim that ignorance is bliss. But they remain perpetually on the wheel of reincarnation and Karma until the scales of illusion and ignorance is removed from their eyes. Some say unless under a certain commission they cannot access heaven and so shall it be. When they drop the physical body then they shall know that the heavens of God are quite different from what they were told.

We checked in for our international flight back to Nigeria via Charles de Gaul in France. I was charged about 194 US Dollars for my third bag, the initial two being free. This is similar to the load all of us carry when we are coming back to Earth. Some would say all men are born equal but this is not true. All of us are born with different amount of Karma which constitutes our baggage while in this spiritual school called Earth. This spiritual baggage from past lives actually determine our destiny here on Earth. I paid for the excess luggage and moved into the security area. Within about three hours of waiting, we were air-born, jetting towards France above 33, 000 feet. I sat relaxed in my seat and continued my adventures into the heavenly worlds of God. As the plane climbed into the sky the color of the physical world and all inside turned green. But the heavens of God cannot be accessed through physical means but as the individual passes through each heaven, he is like a tourist moving from one country into another. Without a visa, movement becomes restricted. This is similar to the heavens of God. You need a visa or a Spiritual Traveler to access the different heavens because you shall be stopped and refused entry. All former saviors of the different religions know that they cannot break spiritual laws to take any individual into the heavens of God.

For instance the color of the first heaven is light purple. This is the home of all our emotions that we express. Everything that exist here is replicated in our own world. The next heaven is orange in color. These different colors enable us recognize which particular heaven we are in. This orange colored heaven is home to all our spiritual history. In other words if an individual wants to know his numerous past lives and in different countries, he shall obtain such information there. The third which is very popular in some religion is colored blue. This is the home of the God that is commonly referred to as ‘Devil’ or ‘Satan’. His job is to tempt man and stop Soul –in-form from progressing beyond this point. But he cannot stop any Soul being escorted by the Living Word or any Spiritual Traveler. He knows them very well as Special Agents of God.

After a short stay in France, our next destination was Abuja Nigeria. Seated inside the plane with me was a lady, a Nigerian, coming to her a country after 22 years stay in the United States. She was scared about what she had been hearing about Nigeria. Tried as I could to assuage her fears she appears concerned. At Port Harcourt International, I checked through security with the help of my Guide and as usual within minutes, I entered my car parked at the airport and sped home through the night.

‘Welcome back home’ said my family as I drove inside my compound. This is the kind of reception Soul gets when he or she finally finds Its way back into the pure heavens of God. I sang HU, to thank my Spiritual Guide for His eternal presence. He has always been with me and has never left my side. Even though I traveled thousands of kilometers to see him in the United States, He has always been by my side, protecting and guiding me and all His numerous devotees in all the universes of God. He is the word made flesh that has the ability to lead all Souls back home to God Almighty.



By Tuborki Dauyemie

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