huThe Natural Way Back Home To God

Most of us desire to go back home to God. But we have forgotten how we got here in the first place. Some of us just do not know what to do or what we want from life. While majority of us desire material things because that is what we know and what our values are based upon, many actually desire Godly things but do not know how to make a headway. God then is only desired during a pressing need and not out of love. This is why most of us who are rich hardly care about God until we confront a situation that money cannot resolve, then we begin our hunt for God that has always been closer to us than out own breath!

Man in HU-man form is a spiritual being but he does not know this. Man is Soul but he has been taught otherwise right from birth. Soul is the spiritual aspect of man that controls the HU-man body. This is that spiritual aspect of us that is created in the image and likeness of God Almighty, our Heavenly Father. It is not the HU-man body that dies and rots away and returns to the soil as manure that is created in the image of God. But many of us do not know this and this is the root of all our problems on Earth. If man can but know that he is Soul, half, if not all, of his life’s problems are resolved from this knowingness alone. For when man realizes that he is Soul, a divine spark of God, he then realizes that he has some powers that only him can develop and help himself to resolve the riddle of life and begins his journey back home to God. For within Soul the microcosm, can we find the secret of God, the Macrocosm. For all the heavens of God are contained in the eye of a sparrow and also within the body of the lowly worm crawling on its belly. But because of ignorance, man remains an outsider in the heavenly kingdom of God.

Soul is an eternal being, created out of the bosom of God Almighty. It is a timeless being, having no beginning and no end. It is basically consisting of an atom of God. It is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. It possesses all the attributes of God albeit, in a potential form. But not until Soul attempts to learn the lessons of Divine love, ie, giving and receiving the love of God can it know, and learn how to serve God. For this purpose, Soul needs to be trained on how to appropriate the divine energy of God called Love. This is the reason why Soul has to be sent to a school for it’s spiritual catechism. Thus God Almighty created many numerous training centers in all Its universes both in heaven and on Earth for the sole purpose of training Souls.

Just as a father would send his children to school to learn a skill or profession and graduate to come back home and help the parents so also was Soul sent down to this Earth to come and learn and eventually graduate to serve God in all the numerous universes of God. When a child goes to school, he is given a uniform and goes through his physical education in many steps ranging from kindergarten, nursery, primary, secondary and eventually to university. Soul is also given a uniform (HU-man body) and goes through many stages of development especially going through many religious understanding of itself and God until it gets to that point when Soul realizes that there is no difference between him and his Father God.

For as soon as Soul is born into the HU-man flesh which is Soul’s uniform in this physical plane (different uniforms exist for different training centers), Soul literarily forgets that he is Soul. He is then trained and schooled in the art of behaving like a HU-man being. Once in a while when Soul leaves his body during sleep and journeys into the heavens of God and brings unbelievable stories and encounters, Soul is trained on how to forget such experiences. These experiences are ‘casted and binded’ for lack of understanding. In other words Soul is ‘trained’ on how to live like a HU-man being and forget being spiritual. Gradually Soul in the body of a small child forgets how to behave spiritually. When he becomes an adult and after being bombarded and brainwashed by the various religions, Soul soon forgets about his dreams and totally forgets about the Spiritual aspect of Itself as a divine spark of God. Soul then begins to function as an ordinary man or woman.

This is the beginning of all the problems encountered by Soul in HU-man form.

At this stage, Soul has forgotten totally who he is as a child of God. He begins to function and behave like a HU-man being. In other words, he has forgotten the ‘HU- part’ of the HU-man being and is totally controlled by the ‘man- part’ which is actually the mind. He now behaves like a creature that is separated from God Almighty because of his ignorance and mis-understanding. He begins to search for God that is within his heart and has never left him in the first place. He is now the religious man without any spiritual understanding or foundation.

How do we know a man that is separated from God Almighty?

A man who is separated from God is that man who does not know who he is; he is that man that prays to God, commanding God that created him on what to do in his life. Pray if God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, why do we need to pray to God Almighty? Another strong evidence of those who do not know God are those who quote from any Holy Book. Why would man quote from any Holy Book if not because such ‘man of God’ has not had any experience with God? If a man has had any experience with God why would he quote another man’s experience with God from Holy Books? Those who also tell you that it is only when you die that you visit heaven are also among those who do not know who they are nor do they know God Almighty. For every night when man goes to sleep, he leaves his physical body and journeys into the various heavens of God. This is why some of us see our dead relatives in the dreams who tell us that they are very much alive. Indeed they are but the earthly man does not know how. Among those who do not know themselves as Soul are those who say ‘My Soul, My Soul’ If man owns Soul, who then is man? The man who knows himself as Soul would rather say ‘I am Soul and I own a body called John!’

Thus man is separated from God through the different religions that man would be attracted to during his sojourn on Earth. Man is not aware of the various laws of the Holy Spirit that governs and runs his lives from cradle to grave especially the Law of Karma and Reincarnation that makes man to reincarnate for multiple lifetimes depending on the transgressions or mistakes of man. Thus man keeps coming and going, keeps coming and going repeating the same errors that would make him to reincarnate severally until he meets with somebody who would tell him about the secrets of life. At this stage, man would seek meaning to all the problems of his life and would not get suitable solutions. But he knows that the answers are out there somewhere. Some of us spend up to a million lifetimes dying and reincarnating just to learn the lessons of life and how to distribute the divine love of God. This is why any religion that is worth his salt would not look to convert anyone simply because when man has suffered enough in life, he would definitely look for God Almighty. This is because Soul must find its own way back home to God through the natural means and not through what anyone tells Soul.

What then is the natural way back home to God?

The natural way back home to God lies within the body of man. In-between the eyebrows of man, located at the center of the forehead is the spiritual eye of man, where Soul is seated. This is the doorway to heaven where many so called men of God have looked in vain for the doorway to heaven. This is where man can obtain divine knowledge about God Almighty but this doorway must remain closed until man earns the right for this door to open into the heavens of God. Prayers for one thousand years cannot open this door; Fasting for a thousand years would not open this door either. Prosperity and the material things of life will not open this doorway to heaven. The only coin man needs to present at this door for man to access the heavens of God is Love and Love only. This love can only be generated through the secret and Holy Name of God known as the HU. For man in his HU-man state is not capable of Divine Love but the HU enables man to connect instantly with God simply because within the HU can be found all the positive and forward pressing forces that are capable of making Soul to contact his Creator, God and liberate himself from all forms of limitations that make man to continue to reincarnate in the worlds of illusion, material, time and space.

What then is the HU?

The HU is the Holy and Sacred name of God. This is the only name God has given to Itself. All other names are names we have given to God to describe IT. If any individual wants to understand the spiritual aspect of the HU-man being, then he should sing the HU for 5-10 minutes before sleep each day for 7 days. Such individuals shall be contacted by God through the dream state. The individual shall then begin to understand the spiritual aspect of man, understand his relationship with his Father, God and then can begin his journey back home into the heavens of God. For God shall send to him the Spiritual Coach, the Way Shower, the Living Godman who shall begin to guide his spiritual footsteps back home to God.

How do we sing the HU?

The HU can be sung anywhere and anytime. But for best results for the beginner, the HU can be sung just before sleep. The individual can ask a pointed question about God and answers shall be provided through his dreams. The HU is sung like in the word ‘Hue’ or as in ‘Yoou’. The individual can sit relaxed, take a couple of deep breaths, with eyes closed. In the outward breath, the individual should sing HU like in ‘yooooouuuuu’ in an outward tone and breath. Doing this for about 10 minutes can enable the individual contact God directly. God usually replies man through dreams, especially for the beginner. But for an individual that has been trained, he can hear the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit as he walks on the street or as he is at his mechanic. It makes no difference.

Man know thyself!


By Tuborki Dauyemie

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