WOMEN FOCUS: Women: Making 2017 Work For You

The practice at this time of the year is to make resolutions on how to move forward in the New Year, habit to reinforce and that to discard. It is a goal setting process.

A New Year is like a blank notebook, you get to write anything you want in it. The New Year stands before us like a fresh chapter in a book, what you decided to write on the next chapter is up to you. I will advice that you make sure; what you are writing on your next page is a good great resolution.

The most important resolution, one Needs in her life is to serve God. Every successful resolution rest on serving God, without God in whatever resolution you are making, it is impossible to achieve it.

Instead of making a list of all the things you hope to change about yourself in 2017, start small and make one straightforward, simple resolution.

As a woman, the first resolution you make this 2017 after you must have placed God first in your life. What kind of relationship, did you intend to have with people especially husbands, children in-laws, etc.

If you are still believing for a partner, what do your circle of friends tell about you, resolve to take good resolution about what you harbour around you. Who were those friends, you kept past years that did not add value to your life? It is time, you get rid of them. Any relationship that didn’t add value to your life or beneficial to you academically, spiritually, materially, financially etc should be dropped.

As a young woman, education is very vital to life, don’t walk aimlessly with men this year, give yourself some good quality of life. These men will end up using and dump you for the educated ones. Stop the loitering and do something reasonable for yourself. If the money is not there for the education, look for a trade or skillS you can learn that will help your future. No man will want to marry a liability as a wife, empower yourself.

What kind of wife did you want to be this year? Still the same as usual? Decide to do some new things this year; in what way had your husband been complaining about a particular thing that you are not making effort to change.

Did you support your husband spiritually, physically, financially, materially and otherwise? Did you take good care of him? Resolve to be the wife, his heart desire this year.

As a mother who will want to have responsible adult children tomorrow, children that the society will be proud of. Have you resolve to take up your responsibility serious to take care of the children God have given to you rather than give your duty in the hand of the maid in the home?

There are some stepmothers who did not have cordial relationship with their step children, Mom, it is time to call to reconcile whatever the issues are. New Year is always a time when parting friends, families etc come together for reconciliation to tell negative emotions and feelings bye-bye. Be the good mom, reconcile your family.

An adage says “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Most of the unfaithful act of women towards their husbands is caused by idleness. When a woman stays all day at home doing nothing, thinking of no serious business or trade to engage in, such a mother will easily fall to the devices of the devil, this New Year think business or a trade to embark on that can supplement the family income. The Bible says “two are better than one”. Stop sitting at home doing nothing. In that frontage, you have converted into gossip arena, you can start a mini shop of selling snacks and soft drinks, where people can sit down eat and get satisfy, pay you for the services and go their way. That won’t require you, looking for capital or shop to start a business. Learn something new this year takes a class on catering; acquires any skill that will be useful to you and your family. Do a business, don’t be dependence on your spouse always.

Women, we all know that Nigeria is in recession, it goes a long way, if we turn every opportunity in money making business.

Don’t buy what you did not budget for. Women who buy impulsely struggle to keep this financial strength. Avoid debt by all means. When you are debt free, you will stabilize in the little income that comes to you.

As discussed in my previous write up in The Newswriter Vol. 6 No. 49, Pg 8 under “Women Focus” that Christmas is a season when women do all sorts of things to meet up Christmas demands, saving money from now being the New Year will save you the headache of running to Tom and Dick for financial assistance.

Open a saving account and set aside a certain percent of your income each month. As frustrating as it might be each month, at the end of the year, you must have gotten reasonable amount of saving to use in settling the reason why you run during Christmas.

Procrastination is always the reason why our goals are not always achieved. Stop procrastinating and start getting things done. There is no suitable weather for getting done; you have to plan your goal whether under cloudy or sunny weather. Create a positive mental attitude, having positive attitude opens your mind to new possibilities, it make you more stronger. It can even help you live longer. Greet the New Year with a smile and resolve to stay positive, no matter what happens.

Happy and A Prosperous New Year!




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