The Law of the Farmer (Karma & Reincarnation)

Vietnamese_AW4T_LRW_BooksFarming is the oldest occupation known to Man since the beginning of the HU-Man form on earth. The Spiritual Hierarchy did not leave man alone to fend for himself in his sojourn in the lower worlds, the lower universes including our own Earth world. Therefore man was given information through dreams on how he could feed himself and his family. He was thought on how to till the ground, plant the seeds of crops and within a space of time the seeds get rotten and with the intelligence contained within the soil by the Holy Spirit providing the necessary nourishment, the plant germinates and from there the big tree emerges.

Man then goes through the process of plucking the fruits to either feed himself or saving the sold excess as cash for the rainy day. When the replanting season comes, he goes through the cycle of planting (death), germination (birth), harvesting (growth) and on and on goes the cycle. When the nutrients of the soil in a particular area is exhausted due to replanting in so many cycles, the farmer moves into another land in a process known as shifting cultivation and continues the cycle for another period.

In other words, Man the apex of God’s creation, reaps what he sows. He does not expect to reap something other than what he plants.

Likewise, man in his thoughts words and action plants the seed of action in womb of time and these thoughts words and actions germinates within the soil of life that is known as the ether and through the processing in the wombs of time, man reaps through harvesting, the rewards of his thoughts, words and actions. The only difference between the farmer and man is simple; the farmer expects a tuber of yam where he has planted one while the ordinary man expects to reap plantain. Alas, within the laws of spiritual manifestation (commonly referred to as creation) this is not possible.

Everyone reaps what he sows. Period.

The law of the farmer is also referred to as the Law of Karma which is an aspect of the law of Love. This law states in simple terms that whatever a man sows that shall he reap. It is also known as the law of cause and effect. Action and reaction are equal and opposite. It can also be referred to as the law of balance.

The law of Karma is not punitive but simply corrective. It is in tandem with the purpose of man being here on earth and in the lower world of creation in general; to learn how to give and receive the love of God. Once one perfects the art of appropriating this love of God to a certain degree, then he graduates to become a coworker in the divine scheme of God.

As man continues to sow the seed of Karma through his thoughts words and deeds, the reaping also goes on simultaneously though he may not be generally aware of the interplay of the balancing of these accounts. If per chance man is not able to reap the effects of his actions and he dies (happens most of the times!), he is mandated through the process of reincarnation to come back in another lifetime to reap the rewards of his actions. There is no exception to this rule and there is no begging! Every individual must pay for his thoughts, words and actions. Ignorance of this law is no excuse. No other individual carries the load for another. Whoever thinks anyone for that matter would through a certain commission replace the yam he has planted with potato is living in the world of self-delusion. God does not behave like the politician who changes the rule in the middle of the game. The laws of God are immutable and they will remain so.

Through the process of going and coming, man’s spiritual bank account may be positive or negative. While loving deeds attract positive account, bad or negative deeds attract negative account. When the individual has accumulated enough love in his bank account, the laws of life would compel the individual to meet the Spiritual Guide whom God has appointed to lead the individual back home to God. In other words, the ticket you need on your journey back home to God is Divine Love. The meeting with this Agent of God can only take place spiritually so that some charlatans and pseudo men of God cannot assume this role.

The password for this meeting is the HU, The Holy and Sacred name of God.

The job of this Agent of God is very simple; to link up all ready Souls to the Holy Spirit and take them out of the school of life back home to God. Some individual may not be ready and as such may not be ready to go back home to God. Of course there is no hurry but at a particular time in life, Soul in Hu-man body is compelled to seek for the meaning of life and then and only then would he begin the search for God. He would then seek a way to contact God.

The Hu is the name God gave to Itself and can be used by any individual who desires to contact God directly without any intermediary. It is not affected by any network problems of the internet. But this special name must be song with love. The individual who desires to contact God should find a quiet place where he would not be disturbed, relax by breathing in deeply for about five times. With eyes shut and the attention placed at the center of the eyebrows and love pervading the mind, the individual should sing the word HU in a monosyllable as in Huuuuuuee!, continuously for about ten minutes preferably before going to bed. God shall reply the individual in his dreams. The individual forms the habit of recording his dreams nightly because they are evidence of his communication with God.

The singing of the word Hu has the capacity of opening the heart of the individual to the love of God. This love is generated daily through the simple exercise of singing this love song to God for twenty minutes each day for the individual to fortify himself daily with this divine love of God. This is the first step in the liberation of the individual from the wheel of Karma and Reincarnation. This meeting with the Spiritual Guide gives the individual an opportunity to free himself from this eternal process of karma  and reincarnation, the coming and going of Soul in the lower worlds.

This simple activity of death, resurrection and another life does not surprise the farmer or anyone who is versed in the art of reproducing the crops of life.