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Topbet Mobile Version: How to Add the Bookmaker to Your Phone’s Home Screen


Topbet is a revered virtual wagering platform in South Africa. It allows you to wager on sports, the lottery, and other stimulating events.

The catch is that there’s no option for the Topbet app download. However, this single flaw is not a stop sign. Topbet has outgrown it. Smartphone users can always access the platform directly on their browsers. Browsers like Chrome and Safari are great for this platform. Also, they can add the site to their home screens. The best part is that the browsing experience is typically seamless. To this end, let’s explore the following topics:

  • Accessing the Topbet Mobile version.
  • Adding the Topbet Mobile version to your home screen.
  • Benefits of using the Topbet Mobile version.

Accessing the Topbet Mobile Version

Accessing the Topbet mobile is a piece of cake. Before we let you grasp the steps, there are some things to peruse. It is a fact that Topbet provides different web addresses for different purposes. 

The mobile platform comprises light and sophisticated versions. The light version doesn’t come with banners or images. So, users get to spend less data while accessing it. On the other hand, the sophisticated version comes with banners, images, and other forms of pictorials. Hence, users might use more data. 


The web address for the light version is You can only see texts in this version. The goal is to ensure that users with the oldest phone models can easily access the website.


In the light version, there’s a consensual formula to accessing every market. The first step is to tap the option for the gaming category. For instance, you can tap the horse racing wagers. Then the category for a certain location will pop up. After that, you will need to click on the market option. It’s at this point that you will figure out the stakes. Now let’s look at the steps to follow to access the Topbet mobile.


  •  Open your mobile browser and visit the Topbet website.
  • The website will automatically redirect to the mobile version.
  • Log in to your Topbet account or create a new account if you haven’t already.

Adding the Topbet Mobile Version to Your Home Screen

Do you want access to your Topbet handheld version to be just a single tap away? The following procedures make it easy to access the platform without ransacking your bookmark. It saves you precious minutes.


  • Visit the Topbet page in your mobile browser.
  • Click on the three-dotted line in the upper-right part of your browser.
  • Find and tap the “Add to Home Screen” option in your mobile browser’s settings.
  • Follow the instructions to add Topbet to your home screen.
  • Tap the next icon and drag it to your favorite place on the home screen.
  •  Customize the name and icon of the bookmark as desired.

Benefits of Using the Topbet Mobile Version

You may have noticed that most bookies substantiate a few mobile features to get going. Due to this, mobile punting becomes a force to be reckoned with. The mobile aspect of Topbet is not an exception. It has several upsides.


First, you will never have to update old app versions. Or you don’t have to empty the storage space in your phone to download Topbet APK.


Second, the mobile version allows for easy access to the registration and sign-in icons. In any case, you can always see them at the summit of the main page. The real-time wagering section, incentives section, casino aspect, and sports section are also easy to spot. All you need to do is to choose and stake your desired market. Tap the link to the wager tick to validate your bet. Make sure that you input the wagering amount.


Other upsides of Topbet’s mobile version include the following: 


  • Access to a wide range of sports betting options like soccer, tennis, rugby, cricket, and horse racing.
  •  Secure and convenient online transactions.
  •  Real-time updates on sports events and results.
  • Easy access from your phone’s home screen.
  • Several payment options.


Please read the full version of how Topbet mobile works at


Although there’s no Topbet app apk, the platform provides a top-notch mobile wagering experience. In any case, you can always add the site to your phone’s home screen. All you need to do is to tap the ‘Add to home screen’ icon in your settings. Follow further instructions and customize the site name. This allows for easy access to Topbet from your phone’s screen. Plus, Topbet allows access to real-time updates on sports events and outcomes. 


To this end, one can conclude that the bookie knows the needs of its customers and lives up to them. If you’re looking for a sassy punting platform, you should opt for Topbet and wager on your favorite sports.


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