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RSU 99th Inaugural Lecture Prof Blessing Jaja Highlights 6 Ways to Keep Brain Vessle Healthy


Emeka Jilly Ejiowhor

The 99th  Inaugural lecture with the theme “Brain Balloon Conundrum Odyssey in Quest for Answers” delivered by Prof Blessing Nathan Romey Jaja was considered as educative and a tremendous turn around in human health, as the guest lecture highlights six tips to keep the brain and its blood vessels healthy.

Delivering the lecture at the Dr Ezenwo Nyesom Wike senate building the Rivers State University Nkpolu oroworukwo Port Harcourt , Prof Blessing jaja who described the brain as the most complex part of the buman body emphasized that it was the principal component of the nervous system of the humans body as well as the seat of  consciousness and intelligence which mediate on behaviour and perception of the world around us stress stressing that the brain is the only  structure in the known universe that can study about itself from a metaphorical point of view.

According to him, the six tips to keep the brain and its blood vessels healthy includes physical exercise, sleep, eating of healthy food such as plant based food, whole grains, fish and healthy fats like olive oil. It also incorporates red meat and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. Brain exercise keep brain in shape by playing games like crossword puzzle, reading a book, socialization, no smoking only drinking alcohol in moderation.

He further disclosed that the brain balloon metaphorically referred to as clinical entity better known as brain aneurysm is a localized swelling, building or dilatation, ballooning of the wall of a blood vessel usually an artery in the brain which arise as a result of weakening of a wall of the affected artery.

He identified smoking, hypertension, too much of alcohol as modifiable risk factors that affect the brain .

According to him cigarette smoking affects every step in the cascade of event leading to anueurysm formation growth and rupture. Which has a dose dependent detrimental effect, in hypertension the elevated blood pressure result to increased hemodynamic stress on the artery wall while too much alcohol increased the likelihood of rupture as studies suggest that consumption of 150 grains/week of alcohol is associated with a 2 fold higher risk of aneurysm rupture the increased risk may be  related to a transient increase in blood pressure. In his recommendation, he expressed the need to strengthen health care, infrastructure and diagnostic capabilities, need to foster international collaboration for research and improved management, need to create public awareness and patient involvement as well as need for improved funding. In his remark, Prof. Nlerum Sunday Okogbule, the Vice Chancellor of the Rivers State University represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the institution who presided over the 99th inaugural lecture while commending Prof. Blessing Nathan Romey Jaja for delivering a wonderful and educative lecture noted that it will impact positively in the lives of members of the public as it will enable them to manage their health wisely and urged those present at the lecture to put the knowledge acquired from the lecture in practice.

In a chat with Journalists at the ceremony Lady Sophia Socime the daughter of the inaugural lecturer who based in abroad but came back to witness the lecture described has father as a smart and hard working man who has made her and other members of the family proud, stressing that the lecture was very educative. Lady Socime while commanding her father for delivering a fantastic lecture described education as important and advised the younger generation not to look at the fastest means to get money rather should focus on education to succeed.***

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