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2014 Determines Nigeria’s Continuous Existence Niger Delta Fathers

The Niger Delta Royal Father has declared that the year 2014 is a unique and decisive year for the country’s continuous corporate existence.
The public relation officer of the Union of Niger Delta Traditional Rulers, Chief (Amb) Gaskin Egede Sobrasuaipiri (JP) made this known over the weekend at Buguma in a chat with newsmen.
He disclosed that this view is supported by the fact that 2014 was not only a build-up to the 2015 general election but that the country would be celebrating her centenary anniversary, adding that it was only then the political players and their intrigues must have reached its crescendo and everyone will then come to the reality whether to remain a united corporate entity or agree to disintegrate. “There is no big deal in breaking up, if it becomes obvious that we can’t continue to stay together. After all there was time we and Cameroon republic were into one country. Also North and South Korea as well as North and Southern Sudan were once together,” he noted.
On whether to give the Islamic sect Boko Haram the same treatment as the Niger Delta freedom fighters, that is granting them amnesty and dialoguing with them, Chief Sobrasuaipiri roared, “On what ground would you compare the two groups? How can you negotiate with terrorists?”
He went on to explain that “while the group in the Niger Delta region were agitators of human rights as a result of under development of the region even with the resource from their area, the Boko Haram Islamic sect we all know does not have any reason other than to destabilize the Jonathan’s administration as earlier promised by their sponsors publicly.”
The PRO queried further “how can one dialogue with a group that says development or Western education is not good? Even the United states of America refused to negotiate with terrorists. There is no way any sane person would negotiate with an armed robber or terrorists. We would go after them, it might take time but definitely they will be rooted out at last.”
The globe trotting Kalabari Chief pointed out that even the European Union and indeed the world at large are not happy the way the late environmentalist, Ken Sar Wiwa and Isaac Boro were treated for speaking out against the ill-treatment of their people in the midst of plenty, citing the dilapidated state of Oloibiri oil flow as an instance.
The Royal Father made it known that creation of more states in the country is the panacea to the Niger Delta problems, as it will not only enhance development of the abandoned area but would force the agitators into finding ways of developing their areas. “It will shift their attention from destruction to productivity,” adding that “the creation of Bayelsa State by the Abacha administration and the ripple effect is a case study.”
Chief Sobrasuaipri used the opportunity to call on the oil companies once again to ensure that they give back to their host communities having benefited much from them.
The region’s Royal fathers spokesman also said the 3rd tier administration is a waste pipe designed to siphon the federal government revenue and therefore should be scraped. He made it known that the current crops of politicians have failed the nation.
He said that the real intention of the FG to bring development like free education, free health system, markets and small scale industries to absorb the jobless at the rural area is not forth coming instead the funds are shared by the politicians.
The PRO made it known that unless people start to change their attitude towards government, the situation may not change.
According to him, one should be concerned and think of what to give to his country like, Dr. Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Jerry Rawlings of Ghana who sacrificed all they had to ensure a better country for their people.
Chief Sobrasuaipiri disclosed that his own philosophy remained what and how to leave a legacy for his country even as he will soon clock 70, saying that he has nothing to lose or fear anymore as most of his prophesies of yesteryears have been vindicated.
The PRO used the opportunity to advise president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR to continue to be cool headed, as the father of all and pilot the affairs of the nation to a successful end, adding that even in the face of provocation he should continue to appeal to agitators on one form or the other even the Boko Haram sect, to lay down their arms and embrace peace in the interest of the nation. He also advised the commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Armed forces to always ensure even distribution of the nation’s resources and uphold the unity of the country. ####

Joe Kalu

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