Garkuwa Chairman To Partner Wike To End Insecurity

As Muslims across the nation celebrated Ed-el Maulud festival a Muslim leader in Rivers State, Alhaji Shu’aibu Wada Madawakin Tilde the chairman Garkuwa Youth organization has called on Muslims in the country to extend their hands of fellowship with the Christians and other religious members as well as abide by the rules and regulations of the nation to move the country forward.

He has also urged Muslims not to be self centered rather should be their brothers’ keepers, maintain harmonious relationship, unity and peace.

Alhaji Madawakin Tilde gave the advice while in a chat with journalists during the celebration of Ed-el Maulud festival in Port Harcourt.

Alhaji Madawakin Tilde emphasized that the significance of Ed-el Malu festival which is an annual event was to share ideas with other Muslim brothers’ in time of brotherhood, understanding and to be their brother’s keeper adding that festival to educate themselves on the importance of livelihood and respect for one another.

He adviced Muslims not to cheat or oppress the less privileged. Rather they should understand whatever experience we have in life because it is from God and nobody questions Him, which was one of the characteristics of Prophet Mohammed.

Alhaji Madawakin Tilde who spoke through his secretary, Alhaji Mawadar Adamu noted that most Muslims faithful had maintained being in cordial relationship with other religious members including other ethnic nationality and abide by the rule of law, respect for one another as inherited from the teachings of Prophet Mohammed disclosed that Garkuwa youth organization which was founded in 2006 by a Northerner is comprised of nineteen northern states including Abuja both Christians, pagan and other nationalities such as the Ibos, Yorubas,  South-South and other states of the nation.

He further disclosed that the aim of Garkuwa Youth Organization was to maintain peace, unity and educate them on how to deviate from all evil activities and be law abiding citizen of Nigeria.

According him, in the past, the yam zone used to be the center of evil operations including kidnapping, armed robbery and all kinds of bad activities but with the existence of Garkuwa Youth Organization which is a security outfit those evil activities in the area have been chased away and the situation has been calm adding that the feat was achieved due to their cooperation with the security agencies.

The Muslim leader who revealed that the Garkuwa Youth Organization was registered with the cooperative organization noted that with the performance of the body, people trooped in the office to seek for their assistance to settle their differences stressing that they have reconcile many people in their various matters.

He further disclosed that the organization has empowered some persons, assisted them in their business to earn a living, founded job for those who were not employed among others.

The Garkuwa chairman who noted that they have made several attempt to see Chief Barr. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike through the chief protocol to partner with him tackle the insecurity situation in Rivers State but no avail appealed to him to invite them and give them audience to disclose and discus on how to tackle end insecurity in the state.

The chairman who noted that governor Wike is doing his best as the first citizen of the state appealed to him, to focus more on education security, health especially prompt payment of workers salaries if re-elected in 2019 election.

He commended President Mohammadu Buhari for his effort in fighting corruption.

The Garkuwa chairman who noted that corruption has eating deep into the system of Nigerians which cannot be wiped out easily but on gradual process appealed to the president not to relent in his effort to remove corruption in Nigeria system.

Asked the organization was supporting any political parties; he noted that the Garkuwa Youth organization is a non partisan organization but an NGO and a security outfit whose aim was to ensure peace in the federation.

He debunked insinuation making round the country that Boko Haram are Muslims.

According to him, during the period of Abubakar Tafawa Belewa, Zik Awolowo there was nothing like Boko Haram, militancy until we switched over to democracy, our political actors contributed immensely in destabilizing the country through their thuggery, militancy, Boko Haram and cultism and use our youths to achieve their aim hence there is insecurity in the country. ####

Emeka Jilly Ejiowhor