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My Church Members Gave Me The Name Mummy B. – Mrs. Blessing Nweke …As The Church Holds 3 days Healing Crusade

Despite the popularity and fame of the General Overseer of Holy Ghost Intervention Ministry International (a.k.a My Messiah Liveth Pentecostal ministry) Mrs. Bartholomew Nweke popularly known as the Mummy B of Rumuokwurusi, she still remains humble, easy going and always ready to attend to people irrespective of background and status.
In an interview with newsmen, Mummy B explained that the name Mummy B was given to her by her church members due to the great miracles God has performed through her, adding that she didn’t attribute the name to herself because she wanted to emulate anybody and become popular. The woman of God urged pastors to work together in love and avoid criticizing one another.
“Only one person can not do the work of God, the people desire to me Mummy B. Whether I’m called Mummy B or not, the most important thing to me is that God honours my ministry and uses me to bring succor to the people”.
Mummy Blessing further said that God is taking the church to greater heights, therefore she decided to roll out the drums to celebrate her ministry’s three years of glorious manifestation of the power of God. People with various ailments such as madness, leprosy, blindness, demonic possession, barrenness have been healed.
Mummy B also disclosed that the secret of progress in ministry is righteousness and holiness, admonishing that pastors should tell the people the truth, desist from preaching only prosperity and follow the steps of Jesus who anchors his teaching on salvation of souls. Although she said that prosperity is very important but it should not be the central focus.
Also speaking, the woman of God stressed that churches should carter for their members especially the less privileged ones. “Jesus is a good example; after preaching He found out that the people were hungry and weary, He fed them. A good shepherded take care of his flock”, she said.
Furthermore, Mummy B said that ministers should stick to their calling and stop running from one ministry to another “some dabble into deliverance ministry without seeking the face of God because they see their colleagues doing well as deliverance minister. God does not work that way”, she said.
She also stressed, that she is often sad seeing God’s people deceived by some fake pastors, blaming the situation to those who desperately run after miracles. “In such ministries members are often asked to bring articles such as perfume, colour candles, soaps, etc or money before miracles could be performed. Some pastors mandate the people to pay some money before counseling, such places, the word of God is not preached with boldness and sin is not condemned out rightly”.
At this juncture, she warned that the most important thing is to make heaven and this can be achieved through salvation and avoidance of sin which should be the central focus of the church.
Great miracles have been witnessed in Holy Ghost intervention ministry.
A notorious cultist Chinedu Stephen a law student in one of the nations universities and a member of the Viking cult, was recently converted there. The cultist actually came to the church to destroy but was arrested by God according to his confession.
Mummy B miraculously spotted the cultist and called him to the alter where he encountered greater power of God. He was ordered to vomit whatwais in his stomach.
The cultist noted that at that point, his stomach vibrated and he could not act contrary. “I knew that I was in for trouble having encountered a greater power. I had to vomit the ring I swallowed some years back in Maiduguri, Bornu State. The ring was a sort of energizer and fortifier, with it no bullet can penetrate my body”, Chinedu confessed.
The church holds 3days healing crusade on Thursday 29th to Saturday 1, 2012 Venue: Mgbuori playground beside Civic Centre, Rumuokwurusi, Port Harcourt. ####
Boniface Ogbeni

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